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Title : Dramatic School

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Luise Rainer (Louise Mauban), Paulette Goddard (Nana), Alan Marshal (Marquis Andre D'Abbencourt), Lana Turner (Mado), Genevieve Tobin (Gina Bertier), John Hubbard (Fleury), Henry Stephenson (Pasquel Sr.), Gale Sondergaard (Madame Therese Charlot), Melville Cooper (Boulin), Erik Rhodes (Georges Mounier), Virginia Grey (Simone), Ann Rutherford (Yvonne), Hans Conried (Ramy), Rand Brooks (Pasquel Jr.), Jean Chatburn (Mimi), Marie Blake (Annette), Cecilia Callejo (La Brasiliana), Margaret Dumont (Pantomime teacher), Frank Puglia (Alphonse), Dorothy Granger (Fat Girl), Gino Corrado (Waiter (uncredited)), Dick Haymes (Student (uncredited)), Minerva Urecal (Rose - Boulin's Secretary (uncredited)), Barbara Weeks (Student (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Aspiring actress Louise Muban attends the prestigious Paris School of Drama during the day and works at a dreary factory assembling gas meters at night. She daydreams and 'acts' her way through life, and her fellow students at school begin to suspect her stories are just that - fabrications. After Louise begins to weave an actual meeting with a debonair playboy into a fantasy of club dates and romance, her co-student Nana discovers the lie when she too meets the playboy. Nana sets a trap for Louise, and the result is an end to one fantasy and the realization of another.

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