"Neapolitan Carousel" Full Movie

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Title : Neapolitan Carousel

Genre : Music, Comedy

Cast : Léonide Massine (Antonio 'Pulcinella' Petito), Sophia Loren (Sisina), Paolo Stoppa (Salvatore Esposito), Clelia Matania (Donna Concetta), Yvette Chauviré (Donna Margherita), Maria Fiore (Donna Brigida), Tina Pica (Capera), Giacomo Rondinella (Luigino), Maria Pia Casilio (Nannina)

Movie Plot : Carosello Napoletano was the first major Italian musical of the postwar era. The title, which translates to Neopolitan Carousel, refers to a family of street singers. The story covers a century or so in the lives of this family, with ample screen time given over to romance and heartbreak. Basically an "inventory musical", the film spotlights several well-known Neopolitan tunes, given sprightly performances by the cast. The uncredited voice of famed tenor Beniamino Gigli is heard from time to time for the benefit of his legions of fans. At 125 minutes, Carosello Napoletano tends to wear on the viewer at times, though lovers of popular Neopolitan music and dance will get their fill.

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