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Title : The Bacchantes

Genre : Fantasy, Drama

Cast : Taina Elg (Dirce), Pierre Brice (Dionysus), Alessandra Panaro (Manto), Alberto Lupo (Pentheus), Akim Tamiroff (Teiresias), Raf Mattioli (Lacdanos), Erno Crisa (Atteon), Miranda Campa (Agave), GĂ©rard Landry (Pastore / Shepherd), Nerio Bernardi (Sumo sacerdote / High Priest), Enzo Fiermonte (Policrates)

Movie Plot : The god Dionysus decides to pay a visit to the city of Thebes. Dionysus wants to be the worshiped by the masses, but the kingdom is suffering a horrific drought and the king Pentheus wants instead to sacrifice a virgin to the God Demeter.

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