"If a Man Answers" Full Movie

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Title : If a Man Answers

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : Sandra Dee (Chantal Stacy), Bobby Darin (Eugene Wright), Micheline Presle (Germaine Stacy), John Lund (John Stacy), Cesar Romero (Robert Swan / Adam Wright), Stefanie Powers (Tina), Christopher Knight (Richard), Charlene Holt (Lisa), Ted Thorpe (Florist)

Movie Plot : Chantel worries about her new marriage to photographer Eugene failing so she decides to take her mother's advice and manipulate him. First, her mother gives her a book that will solve all her problems about how to treat a husband - namely a book on how to train dogs. Then, her mother gives her a second trick, an imaginary boyfriend who used to come in handy during her own marriage to Chantel's father. However, if Chantel's mother made this man up, what is she going to do when Eugene brings him home for dinner one night?

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