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Title : A Touch of Zen

Genre : Action, Adventure

Cast : Hsu Feng (Yang Hui-ching), Tien Peng (Ouyang Nin), Roy Chiao (Abbot Hui Yuan), Shih Chun (Ku Shen Chai), Cho Kin (Magistrate), Miao Tian (Mun Ta's advisor), Sit Hon (General Lu Ting-Yen), Han Ying-Chieh (Chief Commander Hsu Hsien-Chen), Pai Ying (General Shih), Sammo Hung (Commander Hsu's bodyguard), Jackie Chan (Extra (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Ming dynasty noblewoman Yang must escape from the evil eunuch Hsu. She seeks refuge at a decrepit town where she gets assistance from a naive scholar & a group of mysterious yet powerful monks.

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