"Burning Ambition" Full Movie

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Title : Burning Ambition

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama

Cast : Frankie Chan Fan-Kei (Chi-Shau), Simon Yam (Tat-Hwa), Yukari Ôshima (Chau Siao-Tao), Kara Hui (Chau Siu-Hong), Michael Miu (), Eddy Ko (), Roy Chiao (Hwa's Father), Seung Yee (Stern Mother), Austin Wai (), Lau Siu-Ming (), David Lau (), Jeffrey Falcon (), Dan Mintz (), Shing Fui-On (), Ko Chun-Hsiung ()

Movie Plot : This is director/martial arts star Frankie Chan's unofficial remake of the Kinji Fukasaku film SHOGUN'S SAMURAI (1978). Instead of Japanese samurai in a period setting, we get modern day Chinese gangsters battling each other for the position left vacant after the mysterious death of their head honcho.

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