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Title : Mr. Coconut

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Michael Hui (Ngan Kwai-Nam), Raymond Wong (Wong Ka-Fan), Olivia Cheng Man-Nga (Ping), Ricky Hui (Lime), Chan Cheuk-Yan (Skinny), Wong Hiu-Lam (Cat), Joey Wong (Ling), Simon Yam (Timothy Hui), Maria Cordero (Ms. Ma), Ken Boyle (Lime's insurance co. boss), Shirley Lui Sau-Ling (Girl molested at railway station), Fennie Yuen (Girl molested in MRT), Elsie Chan (Customer at shoe shop), Loletta Lee (Shampoo commercial girl), Pauline Kwan (Young party guest), Tony Leung Ka-Fai (Bush), Lowell Lo (Palm reader on TV), Teddy Yip Wing-Cho (Bean curd seller), Yonfan (Annoyed customer at buffet), James Lai Wing-Keung (Insurance executive), Wong San (Timothy's father), Tam Sin-Hung (Timothy's mother), Clifton Ko Chi-Sum (TV game show host)

Movie Plot : Michael Hui plays the lovable "Mr. Coconut", who arrives in town from Hainan China where he lived with his coconuts. Here in the sophisticated urban jungles of Hong Kong. "Mr. Coconut" has finally reunited with his family, as he endures Hong Kong Streets of the late 1980s, filled with stock and property gamblers, heavy mobile phones etc..... "Mr. Coconut", a Hong Kong Lunar New Year film classic, is also Michael's first 30 million box office hit in which he received the Best Actor Nomination in 1989.

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