"The Brylcreem Boys" Full Movie

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Title : The Brylcreem Boys

Genre : Drama, Romance, War

Cast : Billy Campbell (Miles Keogh (as Bill Campbell)), Chris 'Kit' Ryan (Colin Parker (as Christopher Ryan)), Jean Butler (Mattie Guerin), Gabriel Byrne (Commandant O'Brien), Angus Macfadyen (Rudolph von Stegenbek), Hal Fowler (Bunty Winthrop), Joe McGann (Captain Deegan), Anders Jillybo (Sten Larsen (as J. Anders Jillebo)), Alistair McLeod (Sergeant Marshall (as Alister McLeod)), Tim Hayes (Sergeant Walsh), Anthony Madigan (Policeman), Conor Breen (1st Guard)

Movie Plot : In 1941, as part of an effort to remain strictly neutral, the Dublin government made a deal with both Berlin and London whereby any soldier, sailor or pilot captured on Irish soil, whether of German or Allied forces, would be interned for the duration of the war. What the Irish failed to tell was that they would intern everybody in the same camp. It is here that Canadian pilot Miles Keogh and German pilot Rudolph Von Stegenbeck meet after a fight in which both their planes were downed.

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