"Palmer's Pick Up" Full Movie

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Title : Palmer's Pick Up

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Robert Carradine (Bruce Palmer), Richard Hillman (Pearl), Patrick Kilpatrick (Bo), Rosanna Arquette (Dawn), Neil Giuntoli (Mac), Talia Shire (Mr. Price), Morton Downey, Jr. (Dick Cash), Alice Ghostley (Eleanor Palmer), Charles Fleischer (Sarah), Clu Gulager (Telegraph Operator), John Gulager (Santa Claus), Tom Gulager (Mr. Remo), Grace Jones (Ms. Remo), Piper Laurie (Evangelist), Garrett Morris (Tom), Steve-O (clown (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Two dimwit owners of a struggling hauling company are approached about hauling a huge, mysterious box across country at the end of the century. The cargo has religious significance and may be an attempt to release Satan in the Devil's Triangle to start the next century. En route, many step out to try to stop their delivery...

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