"Fascination Amour" Full Movie

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Title : Fascination Amour

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : Andy Lau (Albert Lai), Anthony Wong (Eric), Lillian Ho (Maggie Lai), Raymond Wong (Jack), Hikari Ishida (Sandy), Qu Ying (Kathy Luk), Lei Huang (Timothy Hwang), Christine Ng (Rose), Astrid Chan (Mandy)

Movie Plot : Lau is a spoiled playboy who’s on fiancée number 8 - and makes sport of getting rid of them. With his entourage (including an amusing Anthony Wong) in tow, he boards the cruise ship Fascination with the intent of ridding himself of his latest set-up. However, he didn’t count on falling for heiress Sandy (Ishida Hikari) who is - no surprise here - the only girl who can withstand his “money buys all” attitude. Things aren’t that simple - she’s losing her fortune and won’t let money buy her. Lau must prove that he can be a normal guy so he follows her ashore with a backpack and $10 in his pocket.

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