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Title : Say Yes

Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

Cast : Park Joong-hoon (Em), Chu Sang-mi (Yun-hie), Kim Joo-hyuk (Jeong-hyun), Ki Joo-bong (Manager), Chan-young Lee (Detective), Choi Hong-il (Veterinarian), Chae-yeon Kim (), Park Yong-woo (), Ryu Seung-su ()

Movie Plot : In Seoul, when the aspirant writer Jeong-hyun finds an editor for his book, he buys a car and calls his wife and translator Yoon-hee to travel to Sokcho to celebrate in style their first anniversary of marriage. He promises an unforgettable trip to her, and their happiness is briefly interrupted when the couple has an incident with a drifter that asks them for a lift. The guy chases them and irritates Jeong-hyun, provoking his reaction in public. Along the next days, the expressionless man proves to be a psychopath to the couple, but always without witnesses. When Jeong-hyun and Yoon-hee believe they have escaped from the man, they find that he is a sadistic murderer in their tail and they have to fight to survive.

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