"Mahler on the Couch" Full Movie

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Title : Mahler on the Couch

Genre : Drama

Cast : Johannes Silberschneider (Gustav Mahler), Barbara Romaner (Alma Mahler), Karl Markovics (Sigmund Freud), Friedrich Mücke (Walter Gropius), Eva Mattes (Anna Sofie Schindler-Moll), Karl Fischer (Carl Moll), Lena Stolze (Justine Mahler-Rosé), Michael Dangl (Bruno Walter), Max Mayer (Max Burckhard), Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg (Berta Zuckerkandl)

Movie Plot : Alma Mahler's affair with the young architect Walter Gropius sets in motion a marital drama that forces her husband Gustav Mahler to seek advice from Sigmund Freud.

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