"Ecstasy" Full Movie

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Title : Ecstasy

Genre : Drama

Cast : Christy Andersen (Alison Meyer), Charlie Bewley (David Lancer), Elisa King (Dianna Meyer), Ashley McCarthy (Chantal Meyer), David J. Phillips (Scott Hansen), Teagan Vincze (Faye Holly), Corbin Timbrook (Father Randall), Gillian Zinser (Amanda Crawford), Alex Essoe (Helena), Linda Bella (Susan)

Movie Plot : ECSTASY is a contemporary and relevant film about how drugs transcend all borders of society and affect every facet of our lives. But when it leaves it takes away your soul. A new party drug arrives on the rave scene in a college town and is consumed openly by young people. It's irresistible making you feel invincible, beautiful, intelligent and loved. This haunting psychological thriller centers around a mother's struggle to save her daughters from going down the same dark path she once took, a handsome jock's (Charlie Bewley, from "Twilight - New Moon") misplaced faith in God stemming from the temptations that surrounds him, and three college girls horrific experience with their drug-induced guilt, fears and demons

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