"The Drunkard" Full Movie

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Title : The Drunkard

Genre : Drama

Cast : Irene Wan (Mrs. Wong), Wei Wei (Old Mrs Lei), Joman Chiang (Lulu / Mak), Elena Kong (Lily), Katie Kwok (Mary), Amy Chum (), Lam Chiu-Wing (), So-Fun Wong (Mrs. Lei), Yim Ho (), Chang Kuo-Chu (Mr. Lau)

Movie Plot : Lau may love to indulge in a bit of alcohol and womanizing, but he's also a serious writer who's respected by his colleagues in the cultural world. However, his work is getting less and less respect from his commercial-minded editor, who forces Lau to write action-filled wuxia serials and erotic stories. After an attempt at a tasteful, cultural magazine fails, Lau succumbs to the commercial reality and writes practically anything to survive. Haunted by his memories of World War II and his professional failures, Lau falls even deeper into his addiction of drink and woman…

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