"20.000 kisses" Full Movie

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Title : 20.000 kisses

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Cast : Walter Cornás (Juan), Carla Quevedo (Luciana), Eduardo Blanco (El Jefe), Alan Sabbagh (El Cinefilo), Gastón Pauls (Goldstein)

Movie Plot : John is in his thirties and is bored with his current life. It has been a while since the last time he saw his friends and he is dedicated to working alone - in a boring place - and the life of being just a boyfriend. Overwhelmed routine one day is dumped by his girlfriend and leaves the house they shared not knowing where to go. After spending a few nights in the house of his friend Goldstein, Juan will beginning to recover all that was forgotten in him. Rent an apartment, is reunited with his friends and when you begin to enjoy your life recently separated, his Chief assigned a job with Luciana, a colleague from the office. What at first seems silly becomes a tedium. John did not tolerate anything like Luciana. But for those rare things that sometimes happens, John starts to fall for her. Will Juan recovering its charms party? Or is about to commit the biggest mistake of his love life?

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