"This Last Lonely Place" Full Movie

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Title : This Last Lonely Place

Genre : Thriller, Crime, Drama

Cast : Rhys Coiro (Sam Taylor), Xander Berkeley (Frank Devore), Carly Pope (Faye Gardner), Richard Portnow (Jason Pure), Jeananne Goossen (Luna), Jeff Marchelletta (Cameron Kane), Erin Matthews (Laura Devore), Heather Snell (Hope), Logan Clarke (Barry Neal), Channing Chase (Sam's Mother), Michelle Krusiec (VA Doctor), Robert Knott (CHP Officer), Andrea Lwin (Convalescent Doctor), Fanny Veliz (Nurse), Sumiko Braun (Leilani), Alyssa Marchelletta (Karlie - Sam's Daughter), Mckenzie Coffee (Waitress)

Movie Plot : On his last night on the job, an unsuspecting LA cab driver gets roped into helping a wealthy investment banker cover up a brutal crime.

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