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Title : Paradise

Genre :

Cast : Dorna Dibaj (Hanieh), Fariba Kamran (Leila), Dorsa Khanmohammad (Narges), Fatemeh Naghavi (Schoolmaster), Roya Afshar (Aunt), Hooshang Ghovanloo (Old man), Neda Jebraeili (Narges's mother), Faranak Kalantar (Secretary), Nahid Moslemi (Headmaster of school), Yousef Panahi (Motorcyclist)

Movie Plot : Hanieh, a young teacher, lives in the household of her married sister in Tehran. Increasingly exhausted by her paralysing everyday life and the two-faced reality she subliminally experiences as a woman, an employee, a younger sister, and unhappy partner, Hanieh struggles to find her way out.

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