Wild Blue, Notes for Several Voices 2000

This experimental film examines the physical and emotional effect of violence as it is seen through the eyes of women around the world, ranging from a Irish mother explaining the use of "knee-capping" by the IRA to an Arabic woman describing how war and terrorism has impacted her country. Each woman who narrates uses her own native tongue, with nine languages represented on the soundtrack. While the film does not feature an original score, the Master Drummers of Burundi appear in one sequence. Wild Blue, Notes for Several Voices was screened as part of the Un Certain Regard program at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

Midnight Confessions 1994

Vanessa hosts a talk radio show devoted to sex. Unfortunately, she becomes the focus of a maniac killing prostitutes.

Antarnaad 1991

Drama from Indian director Shyam Benegal.

Jannan ev dzainere 2011

Post war Armenia. Joan starts a journey traveling all over the country. Through the authentic nature, people she meets on her way, the voices and sounds she listens to, Joan finds herself longing to perceive the world anew. While she is looking for the person whose voice had called her to him...

Voces en imágenes 2008

In Spain, they have been the others for decades, those whose names are not known because their faces never appear in front of a camera; those whose voices are linked to the best performances in the mind of any cinema aficionado. They are the other actors, those who work in the shadows, those who are often criticized by the cinephiles who defend the original version, the purity and integrity of the motion pictures. They are the dubbing actors.

Navajo 1952

A young Navajo Indian boy is caught up in the conflict of cultures when he rejects the white man's school. Told in semi-documentary style.

Forget Me Not 1936

A young British woman, tricked into believing she was used during a whirlwind romance, marries a gentle widowed Italian opera star, whose songs she and her first love shared.

Aimé Césaire: une voix pour l'histoire 2007

A three-part study that introduces audiences to the celebrated Martinican author Aimé Césaire, who coined the term "négritude" and launched the movement called the "Great Black Cry".

I Hear the Sunspot 2017

Sugihara Kohei, a college student who has distanced himself from others unconsciously because he is hard of hearing and it keeps causing one misunderstanding after another. One day his classmate Taiichi stumbles into him and notices his delicious bento. Kohei gives Taiichi part of his lunch, to Taiichi's delight, but leaves without saying a word to Taiichi. Taiichi only later finds out from others that Kohei is hard of hearing. Taiichi has a bright personality to the point of foolishness, and he tells Kohei, "It's not your fault that you can't hear!" Those words save Kohei, and he begins to change. Taiichi and Kohei begin a relationship that's more than friends.

La voce del silenzio 1953

Voice of Silence is a 1953 Italian drama film directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, written by Giuseppe Berto, starring Aldo Fabrizi and Jean Marais.

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