A Silent Voice 2017

Shouya Ishida starts bullying the new girl in class, Shouko Nishimiya, because she is deaf. But as the teasing continues, the rest of the class starts to turn on Shouya for his lack of compassion. When they leave elementary school, Shouko and Shouya do not speak to each other again... until an older, wiser Shouya, tormented by his past behaviour, decides he must see Shouko once more. He wants to atone for his sins, but is it already too late...?

A Silent Love 2004

Through an Internet service, a Montreal professor arranges for himself a Mexican bride. But both husband and wife, even with their good intentions, are in for a bumpy ride toward marital harmony.

A Silent Truth 2012

A fourteen year old boy who is gay is struggling with self-acceptance, reconciling who he is with his belief in God, and grappling with the decision of whether or not he should come out to his family.

A Silent Transformation 2017

An exploration of the innovative self-help efforts and the radical vision of co-operation in communities across the Canada province of Ontario.

A Silent Agreement 2017

Reuben, a sensitive writer, grapples with a speech impediment as his boyfriend, Derek, a profoundly deaf Human Rights activist, provides strategies to restore his confidence and communication skills. When Reuben approaches an over-the-hill film producer with his autobiographical screenplay, the producer betrays him and Reuben is forced to overcome the long-term effects of bullying in order to succeed.

A Silent Child 2010

A child never cries nor screams when it gets injured. All the terrible consequences involved.

Shattered: Journey Into a Silent Past 2016

Britta Lion-Franz and her sister Marianne Lion grew up Jewish in Aachen, Germany. In 1937, when the two were 9 and 12, the sisters and their parents were forced to flee to the US. Their father, Curt Lion, owned an elegant fashion store in Aachen, which was acquired by director Walter Wehmeyer’s grandfather before they fled. How did the transaction take place? Did the Lion family ever receive compensation? Were the two businessmen able to avoid the “Nazi-ization” and confiscation of all Jewish property? Wehmeyer tells this fascinating tale using archival records, letters, and photographs. He discovers Britta in American, long residing in Salem, Oregon. The Lion family’s tale would remain untold were it not for an inquisitive filmmaker in search of his own family history.

A Silent Woman 2002

Matías Piñeiro's first film, produced when he was a film student.

A Silent Traveller 1994

Debuting Iraq-born, Netherlands-based writer/director Ibrahim Selman starts out on docu ground, with a voiceover explaining his objectives and the film’s stand-in location, and recalling Kurdistan before the advent of war. He then shifts into narrative mode, with glimpses of life in a mountain village caught in the conflict between Iraqi military authorities and peshmergas (guerrilla freedom fighters).

A Silent Day 2003

A depiction of a girl’s uneasy state of mind as it wavers between life and death.

We The Women of Afghanistan: a silent revolution

This film recounts tales of inspiring stories of courageous Afghan girls and women living within Afghanistan - the great testaments of human resilience. These are tales of women who fight not only for their rights but for the rights of all Afghans, in spite of dangerous obstacles they face every single day: Fully aware that every moment could be their last, still they do not give up and they are unbreakable. This film shows the parallel life of women in Afghanistan: Tales rarely shown by the international media - the other side of the coin - a compilation of women's strength & courage in the most unexpected place in this world: A place labeled as the 'most dangerous country for women'.

A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees 2009

This award winning documentary film explores the growing global threat of genetically engineered trees to our environment and to human health. The film features renowned geneticist and host of PBS' The Nature of Things David Suzuki, who explores the unknown and possibly disastrous consequences of improperly tested GE methods. Many scientists and activists are interviewed in the film, which serves as an effective and succinct tool for understanding the complex issue of GE trees. The film includes the testimony of many experts on the subject and serves as a valuable tool to inform students and those interested in environmental issues. The film has been well used in public forums, government as well as college and high school classrooms

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