The Absent-Minded Professor 1961

Hailed as one of Walt Disney's most hilarious comedies, The Absent-Minded Professor contains two essential elements for laughter - Fred MacMurray and Flubber, his gravity-defying formula for flying rubber!

The Absent 2011

The town of Liberty has many secrets but the darkest is hidden between twin brothers. Vincent and Oscar Burton are only 10 years old when Oscar finds out his parents are trying to kill him for insurance money. Oscar takes it in to his own hands to protect himself and his twin.

Absent 2011

.ABSENT is about a topic much closer to home for most of us in the the USA – the absence of a father or healthy father figure – and the impact that this absence has throughout life. Hunt interviews some powerful figures in faith-based men’s work, like John Eldridge of the Ransomed Heart Ministries and Father Richard Rohr. But he ALSO interviews prostitutes and homeless folks, a world champion boxer and James Hetfield of the legendary heavy metal band Metallica.

The Absent-Minded Waiter 1977

Bernie Cates requests the services of the most absent-minded waiter he's ever seen, who pours water before setting the glasses, endlessly repeats questions, brings wrong orders, and ruins everything- but the bill.

Absent Wound 2017

Making a stage from two public spaces in Iran which women are prohibited from entering, Maryam Tafakory’s depiction of men and women coming of age draws parallels while commenting on this separation of the genders. The authority of tradition is metaphorically undermined by obstructed onscreen text, while a woman’s low hums and whispers remind us of the presence of the body in the enactment of rituals.

Absent Father 2008

Drama starring Jessica Kadish, JP Quicquaro, Debbie Friedlander

Absent Parents 1982

UK public information film advising parents to watch small children when near open stretches of water.

Absent Referent 2018

Explores the ways images of medical violence and care are being looked at and talked about by a variety of people. Some people turn their heads away and some watch without a blink.

Absent Without Leave 1993

In 1942 Wellington, Daisy Edwards, 16 and pregnant, relies totally on her just-wed husband, Ed, who is little older than she. Ed is suddenly drafted into the army and is to be sent overseas to battle while Daisy is sent to her father in Auckland. When Ed's leave is cancelled at the last minute he takes the dangerous decision to go absent without leave to be with Daisy on her journey home. As a deserter, Ed is hunted, captured and imprisoned. Life inside is bad enought without the worry of what is going on outside. The film is based upon a true story.

The Absent-Minded Professor 1988

Henry Crawford is the titular absent-minded professor busy at work in his laboratory. He has a girlfriend, but she is getting frustrated at his repeatedly missing their dates and spending more time with his experiments than with her. One day, Prof. Crawford makes an incredible discovery a form of rubber that defies gravity with each bounce, which he names Flubber. Hopefully, with this invention Crawford can prove to his love that he's not just a hopeless loser stuck doing dead-end research.

Wounds and Other Absent Objects 1997

Short film by Anish Kapoor commissioned by BBC Channel 4 as part of the 'TV Sculpture' programme. The impact of Anish Kapoor's sculpture is immediate while its full meaning is more elusive and mysterious. His visual puzzles are tailor-made for television. For Wounds and Other Absent Objects Kapoor has created an electronic palette with which to explore the physical power of colour. Premiered 6 October1997.

L'absent 1997

Though it happened decades before, Roland Kadar is still unclear as to the circumstances that led his father Paul to drown himself in the Danube during the 1950s, and so he heads to Europe to find out for himself. His grim journey takes him to such places as Budapest, Warsaw and Prague. He even visits Tokyo. The major scenes consist of interiors inter-spliced with black-and-white footage of other European locals and old family photographs.

An Absent-Minded Mother 1914

Mrs Grayson accidentally leaves her baby son at a shop and flies into a panic when she returns home to find him missing.

Absent Present 2010

Benji was brought from Namibia to the GDR in 1979 as a young child and sent back in 1990 after German reunification. Levi got to know him there in 1991. Two years later, he hitchhiked back to Europe disguised as a tourist. But "in this film there is no main character. Benji, who should have been it, has disappeared," it is stated at the beginning of the movie. On her search for traces, Levi associatively links the story of the refugee with the stories of flight of those she meets underway. The journey leads from Germany to Namibia, to the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands, all the way to Senegal. Without wanting to draw a geographical or political map, an essayistic documentary on the various forms of traveling emerges: vacation and migration, voluntary and forced return.

The Absent One 2014

Denmark, 2014. A former police officer asks Carl Mørck, head of Department Q, to find out who brutally killed his young twins in 1994. Although a local inhabitant confessed and was convicted of murder, Carl and his partner Assad soon realize that there is something in the case resolution that is terribly wrong.

Absentia 2011

Tricia's husband Daniel has been missing for seven years. Her younger sister Callie comes to live with her as the pressure mounts to finally declare him 'dead in absentia.' As Tricia sifts through the wreckage and tries to move on with her life, Callie finds herself drawn to an ominous tunnel near the house. As she begins to link it to other mysterious disappearances, it becomes clear that Daniel's presumed death might be anything but 'natural.' The ancient force at work in the tunnel might have set its sights on Callie and Tricia... and Daniel might be suffering a fate far worse than death in its grasp.

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