Arrival 2016

Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.

The Arrival 1996

Zane Ziminski is an astrophysicist who receives a message that seems to have extraterrestrial origins. Eerily soon after his discovery, Zane is fired. He then embarks on a search to determine the origins of the transmission that leads him into a Hitchcockian labyrinth of paranoia and intrigue.

The Second Arrival 1998

After Zane Ziminski is found dead five people received envelopes with details of an alien invasion. This group of five includes 3 scientists, Zane's brother Jack, and a reporter. Quickly, the group is down to three and then Jack and Bridget, the reporter. With a small piece of alien technology, they must escape from the aliens, who take human form, and try to convince others that aliens exist.

The Arrival of Wang 2012

Chinese-language interpreter Gaia is called up out of the blue by the Italian authorities with an urgent and confidential translation assignment. She is whisked away to a secret underground location and ushered into a pitch-black room where she is asked to interpret the harsh interrogation of a mysterious presence, the eponymous Mr. Wang.

Dead on Arrival 2017

A pharmaceutical sales rep visits a small town in Louisiana on business. He finds himself in a dark world of corruption and murder with 24 hours to live, running from the police, the mob and a sheriff that wants him dead.

The Arrival 1991

An old man, who has been near a fallen meteor, starts to get younger and younger, with a terrible thirst for blood.


NXT Arrival was a live professional wrestling event produced by WWE held on February 27, 2014, at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. This was the first NXT Wrestling live event and the first live event to broadcast on the WWE Network service. Bo Dallas competed against Adrian Neville in a Ladder Match for the NXT Championship at the main event of the show.

The Arrival 2017

A little boy feels betrayed when his mother has another son and decides to give her a taste of her own medicine -- by summoning another mother.

The Arrival 2016

Anna contemplates a big decision while waiting for someone in a cafe.

The Arrival 2009

The film is about Leo (Dwight Gaston), a single diligent company bookkeeper, who one day decides to take a leave from his humdrum routine office work and travel from Manila to Murcia, Negros Occidental to literally find his dream girl. Every now and then, Leo in his sleep sees a sultry woman in a flowing summer dress walking to him in slow motion and about to kiss him. In Murcia, he fails to see his imagined lady love but he meets someone else, Melanie (Marilou Kho), a single mother who works in the town’s municipal office.

Xenolinguistics: Understanding Arrival 2017

A look at the source story, core human themes, the challenges and process of bringing the story to the screen, casting, creating realistic characters within their fields of expertise, alien ship and being design, costumes, alien language construction, and Denis Villeneuve's work.

The Arrival 1980

Elaborate psychodramatic documentary made by kooky cult "the Unarius Academy of Science" created for the purpose of spiritual healing: films of Uriel and the students channeling and re-enacting their previous lives together on Earth and other planets.

Arrival: A Short Film 2016

This traditionally animated film tells the journey of how a young boy's personal discovery affects the long-distance relationship he keeps with his mother.


Fugax showed his fellow scouts different artifacts never found before.

Arrival 2013

Step into our world, as we bring you a raw look at the talents of the next wave of riders and photographers. Come face to face with our diverse styles as we take on new lines and new places. ARRIVAL is all about what is happening now. Bringing viewers into the reality of a new generation of freeriders and racers.

Arrival of Immigrants, Ellis Island 1906

Depicts scenes at the Immigration Depot and a nearby dock on Ellis Island. Appears to show, first, a group of immigrants lined up to board a vessel leaving the island, then another group arriving at the island and being directed off of the dock and into the Depot by a uniformed official.

Monument of Arrival and Return 2016

A portrait of railway porters from Lahore, invited to engage and improvise with a set of domestic objects and personal items.

The Arrival

Michael and John have been married for two years and are ready to take the next step into fatherhood. Having failed to adopt a baby, through all the legal routes, Michael discovers a website where pregnant women sell their babies, little knowing that these women are not what they seem.

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