Emanuelle in Bangkok 1976

Emanuelle is sent to Bangkok on a journalism assignment. While there, she embarks on her own exploration of the secrets of sensual pleasure. While learning much, she also reveals several secrets of her own.

The World of Henry Orient 1964

Concert pianist Henry Orient (Peter Sellers) is trying to have an affair with a married woman, Stella Dunnworthy (Paula Prentiss), while two teenage private-school girls, Valerie Boyd (Tippy Walker) and Marian Gilbert (Merrie Spaeth), stalk him and write their fantasies about him in a diary. Orient's paranoia leads him to believe that the two girls, who seem to pop up everywhere he goes, are spies sent by the husband of his would-be mistress. When Val's mother, Isabel Boyd (Angela Lansbury), finds their diary, she suspects that Henry has acted inappropriately with her daughter. She contacts Orient and they end up having an affair. Val finds out about it, as does her dad.

Murder on the Orient Express 2001

Agatha Christie's classic whodunit speeds into the twenty-first century. World-famous sleuth Hercule Poirot has just finished a case in Istanbul and is returning home to London onboard the luxurious Orient Express. But, the train comes to a sudden halt when a rock slide blocks the tracks ahead. And all the thrills of riding the famous train come to a halt when a man discovered dead in his compartment, stabbed nine times. The train is stranded. No one has gotten on or gotten off. That can only mean one thing: the killer is onboard, and it is up to Hercule Poirot to find him. [from imdb.com]

A Fleeting Passage to the Orient 1999

Images of Egypt: prolonged tracking shots through the streets of Cairo, cafes, bazars, hotels and gardens, footage of the desert and the sea. Ruth Beckermann is on the trail of Empress Elisabeth of Austria ("Sissi"), who travelled the world restlessly and was in Egypt incognito one hundred years earlier. Since Elisabeth refused to be photographed after the age of 31, she inspires projections and fantasies.

Orient Express 2004

At an old age, prince Andrei Morudzi retreats to his castle in Romania, during the two world wars, after having lead an eventful youth. There he is seen upon as a rare bird by the local folk, due to his strange attitude towards life and his exquisit manners, which don't fit in the way of life of the villagers. But, in the end, despite trying to distance himself from the local people, he can't but influence their humble existences.

Wasted Orient 2006

Joyside leaves Beijing on their first nationwide tour of China. An American filmmaker, whom the Bass player refers to as a "horse-face" in the end credits, accompanies them to prove that China is not ready for rock n' roll and that in its current state, although humorous, is a nightmare for the youth trying to build its interest.

Romance on the Orient Express 1985

Lily, an American traveling on the famous Orient Express train from Venice to Paris, suddenly runs into her former lover, Alex, whom they met and had a tender romance 10 years earlier while vacationing in France which ended abruptly when he walked out on her without saying a word. Now Alex tries to make up for lost time with Lily while she digs into his past to find out what haunting secrets that he has which led to their abrupt breakup.

Orient Top Town 2011

Contemporary visual artists in Shanghai and real estate developers forms a curious partnership amidst a construction boom in the run up to Shanghai hosting World Expo 2010.

Human Apes from the Orient 1906

The subject is two grotesque-looking human beings who are sitting on the deck of a ship. The two weird individuals sit cross-legged and do the bidding of a man in oriental costume. The point of the film seems to be directed at the fact that the bone structure of the two subjects makes them look like monkeys or apes, and the spectators seem to be trying to get them to behave like monkeys, that is, scratch themselves, etc.

Murder in the Orient 1973

American agent, with the help of a wise martial arts teacher, hunts down a pair of samurai swords that are worth millions of dollars.

Orient-Express 1979

A six-part French tv series first broadcast in 1979, each episode of Orient Express focuses on a different tale of a journey on the legendary train; each one is set between the outbreak of the First World War and the outbreak of the Second.

An Oriental Odyssey 2018

Ye Yuan An is the daughter of the Assistant Minister of Revenue during the Tang Dynasty. Somewhat of an amateur sleuth, Yuan An loves solving mysteries and constantly in competition with Zhao Lan Zhi, a police officer who is trying to do his job. Yuan An has the assistance of Mu Le, a young man she took in as a family servant after saving him from danger. But what will Yuan An do when she discovers Mu Le’s true identity?

Glittering Days 2006

Back in the days when there was no television, people would visit lounges to watch singers perform. Gam Yin is a semi-retired singer who now manages talent and tries to set them up with more places to perform. Unfortunately, fate has brought her in conflict with Ling Fung, a well-known but arrogant singer in Shanghai. Ling Fung hails from a small village and has worked his way up to stardom. His childhood friend Chu Yuk-Lan has had a crush on him since they were young. These characters' lives intertwine when Ling Fung experiences a reverse of fortune and Yuk-Lan quickly achieves fame.

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