Love in Bora Bora 2018

Valentine is convinced she’s in love with Jérôme, her best friend and work partner. She decides to share her feelings with him while they’re away in Bora Bora on a business trip. But there’s a bad surprise in store: Jérôme’s new girlfriend, Céleste, has decided to tag along. Valentine will have to put up a real fight to win over the love of her life, under the amused gaze of Marc, their guide in the “lovers’ paradise.” But as the days roll by, Valentine realizes she was wrong about Jérôme, and discovers true love elsewhere…

Bora Bora 1968

A Frenchman finds his runaway wife on an island in the Pacific.

Bora Bora 2011

Mia, 15, is at odds with everyone. School is hell and her mother is always on her back. Mia is only at peace when she is running - something she is good at. On a downtown shopping street she meets Zack, 16, who runs with a gang of kids who want to become parent independent and live as pickpockets. Mia joins them, but finds the pressure difficult. Moreover, the police have their eye on them. Mia has a choice, to keep ignoring her problems or face up to them.

Tora Bora 2011

Tora Bora is a story of the journey of Abou Tareq and Om Tareq in their search for their youngest son Ahmed, who after being brainwashed by extremists, decides to leave Kuwait to join the the terrorist forces in Afghanistan. The elderly couple are not prepared for the suffering and darkness they encounter on their journey through the war-torn country. Their elder son, Tareq, with the aid of Pakistani intelligence, attempts to find his parents and his brainwashed brother. Tora Bora is a film about how the mistakes of one son can lead to hardships for an entire family in Arab/Muslim society.

Scent of the Lotus Pond

Three rural, working class garment factory girls - a pampered prima-Donna (Mangala), a safe runner (Swineetha) and a tormented vixen (Gothami) go through trials and tribulations of their bitter sweet youth in a liberalized industrial zone in the city. Lovelorn Gothami makes life difficult for everyone around her and creates her own tragedy by obsessively falling in love with her pretty friend Mangala's sexually frustrated lover, Vipula. The carefree existence of the three girls end in catastrophe and gothami disappears. An accidental meeting of the two girls after several years results in a confession by the ever winning Mangala. the revelation shocks Gothami. Perhaps for the first time Gothami sees life, winning and losing, suffering and salvation in a completely different perspective, which she never thought existed.

Taina zelyonogo bora 1961

The film is set in the early XX century. Three friends of the working of the Ural village - Yegor, Petka and Stickleback - zaimeli enemies from across the street, which Verkhovod Senka Kozhin, a bold and desperate man, causing an obvious sympathy at first.

Shawn Colvin: Live in Bora Bora: Music in High Places 2001

This innovative series combines music and travel in a unique way by transporting top recording artists to some of the most exotic travel destinations on the planet. On this trip, singer Shawn Colvin immerses herself in the culture, history and lushness of Bora Bora and Tahiti. Songs include: "Polaroids," "Private Universe," "Anywhere You Go," "Catch the Wind" and "Sunny Came Home."

The Comedy and Tragedy of Bora Joksimovic 1977

The film portraits a writer-amateur Bora Joksimović, a heating maintenance mechanic in the Zrenjanin theatre. Unhappy with the shows he sees in his theatre, he decides to try his luck as a playwright. And as a result he has written 53 plays with "mighty plots", like "Hitler and Stalin Conversations in Hell", "Life of a Croat Woman in Belgrade", "Fratricide" etc.

Home of the Resistance 2018

In 1974 communist authorities built the so-called ‘Memorial Home for WWII Resistance Fighters and Youth of Yugoslavia’ in Kumrovec, a tiny rural hometown of the legendary president Marshal Tito. In 1991, when Yugoslavia collapsed 11 years after Tito’s death and the Croatian War of Independence started, the Memorial Home was closed, and it remained closed until today. Several attempts to repurpose the building have failed. Still, some fighters remain...

Shining 2017

A short fiction about a man who fights against the seizure of his land by powerful developers.

The Best of Borat 2001

Series of reports from Borat Karabzhanov, the Kazakhstani TV journalist, a character featuring in DA ALI G SHOW, as he travels in Britain looking at British culture and customs, including visits to Henley Regatta, Saville Row and a tea party, and looking at aspects such as fox hunting. Made up of footage taken from DA ALI G SHOW plus new footage and links comparing life in Britain and Kazakhstan

When Borat Came to Town 2008

A look at what happened after Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was filmed in the Romanian village of Glod. It follows the life of one girl who longs to escape the poverty as foreign lawyers arrive with the promise of suing 20th Century Fox for millions of dollars.

Vive la France 2013

Muzafar and Feruz are two easy going shepherds from Taboulistan, a tiny country in Asia that is unknown to the rest of the world. To alert the world to his country’s existence, the son of Taboulistan’s president decides to instigate a program of publicity terrorism. To that end, he recruits our two naive shepherds, their mission: to destroy the Eiffel Tower! But the France that Muzafar and Feruz discovers is far from what they had expected...

The Color of Pain 2011

An experimental documentary beginning as a cold chronicle that describes hygiene management in industrial sites in Korea, then suddenly jumping into sociology of leisure and hobby that represents today's thinking about labor.

The Last Starfighter 1984

A video game expert Alex Rogan finds himself transported to another planet after conquering The Last Starfighter video game only to find out it was just a test. He was recruited to join the team of best Starfighters to defend their world from the attack.


Bora, a sitcom of ABS-CBN, is a colloquial term for Boracay, an island in the Philippines.

Borat's Television Programme 2004

Borat's Television Programme is a two-part compilation spin-off of Da Ali G Show by British television station Channel 4. The show features Borat Sagdiyev in the United States learning about the local culture and customs, much in the vein of the later movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The two episodes contain Borat and Brüno segments from Ali G in da USA, along with new and unseen interviews and shenanigans.

Tales of the Gold Monkey 1982

In a backwater corner of the South Pacific in 1938, a young American adventurer and his ragtag group of friends become involved in death-defying hi-jinx, transporting people-on-the-run in a well-worn Grumman Goose seaplane.

The Angel of Death Comes with Purple High Heels 2010

The story of a struggling manhwa artist, his long-suffering partner at the publication company who has feelings for him, and a strange 19-year-old girl dressed in ridiculous costume.

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