The Suicide Kid 2012

A university freshman stumbles into online fame after a botched suicide attempt goes viral.

Just a Cute Kid 1940

When he has to pay a debt to a fearsome money lender, a man accepts the help of a friend who takes him to a scientist where he can sell his body, but things get worse than expected.

The Buckaroo Kid 1926

Mulford sends Ed Harley to manage Radigan's rundown ranch. He makes a success of it but when called to return, he asks Radigan for a loan. Radigan says he can have the loan but not his daughter, but Ed wants both.

The Kid from Canada 1957

A Canadian boy visits cousins in Scotland; his attitude first causes antagonism with Scottish youngsters, but disappears when the lad proves himself by riding a horse over dangerous country to bring aid to an injured shepherd.

Turbo Kid 2

Plot unknown. A sequel to the '80s-inspired sci-fi action comedy, 'Turbo Kid'.

The Ellington Kid 2012

Two friends sit in a kebab shop in London. One tells the other a story he'd heard about a boy who'd recently been stabbed by a gang in the street. He'd staggered into the very kebab shop they are sitting in, desperately looking for somewhere to hide, pursued by the gang, looking to finish him off. But the gang hadn't thought about the shop's owners...

The Tonto Kid 1934

Lawyer Creech is after the ranch of the dying Cartwright. First he brings in Cahill to pose as the only living relative. Then when the Tonto Kid finds platinum on the ranch, Creech frames him for murder.

The Kid From Texas 1939

A loud-mouthed Texas cowpuncher tries his hand at polo finding himself at odds with high society and trying to save a floundering Wild West show.

The Tioga Kid 1948

Ranger Eddie Dean is looking for the outlaw the Tioga Kid, a man he closely resembles. He runs into Joe Morino and his gang of rustlers at the same time Tioga arrives to cut himself into Morino's game. But Morino doesn't give in and in the showdown, Eddie and the Kid find themselves on the same side.

The Utah Kid 1930

The Utah Kid eludes a sheriff's posse and takes refuge in Robber's Roost, a hideout for outlaws running from the law where he meets and falls for a waylaid school teacher.

The Polo Kid 2009

Santiago Torres' journey takes him from the polo fields of California to Argentina, Florida, New York and Mexico. Behind thrilling sports action is a deeply moving human story.

Kid Rock: Born Free

In this half hour, cross-network special we're there with Kid Rock for his last two days at home before heading out on the road to promote and tour his new album, Born Free. Rock will share his unique perspective on life and music as he spends time with his son, family and wide variety of friends. He will also go through final rehearsals with his Twisted Brown Trucker Band and squeeze in as much chaos as possible when he lights up a bon fire and throws a house party.

World Famous Kid Detective 2013

Stanley Kid, kid detective, must catch the bad guys without getting caught himself. It's a kid-tastic adventure for Stanley Kid and his annoying kid sister, Nina!

The Karate Kid 2

After the sudden death of Dre's old Kung Fu Instructor, Mr. Han, young Kung Fu Champion, Dre Parker must learn The Dark Stepstones of how to become a good Instructor and teach his old fellow enemies a little more than respect.

A Gold Star Kid 2017

9 years old Matt is finding a 20 euro bill on the pavement. Matt is seeing a soldier in the restaurant which reminds his late father who was a soldier, and he changes his mind to pay it

The Country Kid 1923

Ben Applegate's father dies, leaving him and his brothers Joe and Andy orphans and having to run the family farm. Their Uncle Grimes is their legal guardian, but he's only concerned with getting his hands on the farm. He has Ben declared incompetent and packs off Joe and Andy to an orphanage. When things look darkest for the three boys, help comes from an unexpected source.

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