Lotta Leaves Home 1993

A feisty five-year-old girl Lotta decides to move away from home. And no, she doesn't want to put on the stupid sweater.

St. Trinian's 2007

When their beloved school is threatened with closure should the powers that be fail to raise the proper funds, the girls scheme to steal a priceless painting and use the profits to pull St. Trinian's out of the red.

Prostituzione 1974

They're Italy's notorious "Ladies of the evening" catering to the strange cravings of their kinky, high-paying clients. But suddenly, the girls of the street find themselves being stalked by someone with desires even they can't satisfy. After a series of shocking crimes, the clues lead police to a pornographic film maker and his stable of lovely models and starlets. But can the authorities track down the "Hooker Maniac" before he strikes again?

An Encyclopedia of Unconventional Women 2009

This is an omnibus of six short films by six different directors, whose lead characters are unconventional women. They are "Hijoshi," females who live true to themselves and their desires.

Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control 2002

A stylish, laugh-filled drama about two road-weary lounge musicians who get an opportunity to revive their careers when one of them begins to display psychic abilities.

My Ex-Girlfriend Is a Shovel 2018

After her girlfriend of three years breaks up with her, Coral realizes that her ex wasn't actually a person, but was in fact a shovel. Ultimately, Coral must confront her shovel ex-girlfriend to be able to move on.

Commando Fury 1986

A secret agent has been sent into an all-female detention camp to retrive a microfilm. The warden and his cadre of sadistic officers take every opportunity to make her life hell. Will her fellow inmates play nice? Will she escape with the intel? Are there tree monsters in the second half? The answer to all these questions is... COMMANDO FURY.

Manina, the Lighthouse-Keeper's Daughter 1952

When a 25-year old Parisian student, Gérard Morere, hears a lecture about a treasure Troilus lost at sea after the Peloponnesian War, he thinks he knows where it is, thanks to a discovery he made five years before when diving near the island of Levezzi. He gets friends and an innkeeper to invest in his dream, enough to get him to Tangiers where he convinces a cigarette smuggler, Erick, to take him to the island. There he finds Manina, the light-keeper's daughter, 18 and beautiful and pure. Erick thinks Gérard may have conned him, but Gérard's belief in the treasure compels patience. Dives by day and romance at night. Can Gérard's romantic ideas survive in the harsh rocks of Levezzi?

The Flowers of War 2011

A Westerner finds refuge with a group of women in a church during Japan's rape of Nanking in 1937. Posing as a priest, he attempts to lead the women to safety.

Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night 1971

After the big success of the first part the film-makers apparently felt pressured to launch a new "investigation" and gather new material. Therefore, Friedrich von Thun again ventures out into the streets, this time of Berlin, to ask schoolgirls about their sexual experiences. The invinted guests talk about (allegedly) true events. Schoolgirls that seduce their teachers, runaway girls that have been robbed and who have to prostitute themselves or innocent girls that have been drugged and raped...

Sorry, Wrong Bedroom 1973

The owner of a failing Munich strip club sends his manager to an area of the country considered backwards to recruit new talent for his club.

Police Destination Oasis 1981

Freewheeling female friends Annie and Nadine are snatched during a night of rump-shaking discotheque shenanigans by an evil slavery ring. Drugged and gagged, the gals wake up in the "Oasis", a clandestine bordello nestled deep in the African Congo where they - and a gaggle of girl prisoners from all over the world.

Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano 2010

A timid young woman who lives with her domineering mother accepts an Adult Video scout's offer to "become somebody else" by performing in porn videos. As she rises in popularity, the boundaries between her two lives begin to disintegrate.

Ethnographic Films 1929

These documentary sketches were made when the famed novelist was an anthropology student seeking to preserve a record of African American life in the rural South. Includes Children's games and baptism - Miami, Aug. 1929; Children's games and man with ax - April 1928; Children dancing and girl rocking on porch - Jan/Feb 1929; Baseball crowd and boy dancing capers Jan/Feb 1929.

Cannibal Vampire School Girls from Outer Space 1999

This Independent Motion Picture tells the tale of six sisters from Vamptar, a planet far, far away. These sexy school girls come to earth, seduce, kill, eat the flesh and drink the blood of their young victims. If you like the works of David Lynch, John Waters and Ed Wood you will love this movie!

Woman Prisoner No. 407 1976

Kang-hie recalls from her cell how she was used by Japanese detectives to track down and destroy the Korean Independence fighters. She manages to escape from prison during a break and proceeds to hunt down her former lover who was a Japanese agent.

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