A Daughter of Israel 1925

Overly mature Betty Blythe is cast as the gamine-like granddaughter of a Turkish rabbi, who is taken out of her cozy environs by a music-hall star and transformed into a cabaret dancer. It isn't that she hates the work; it's simply that she feels she has turned her back on her people. Blythe is rescued by an elderly Jewish leader who takes her to a Zionist colony in Palestine. She marries her benefactor, but her heart remains with her true love back in Constantinople.

Les anges de Satan 2007

Casablanca, 2003. 14 young hard-rockers are arrested and condemned for sentences from 3 months to 1 year. What are the accusations? Satanism and shaking the foundations of Islam. Based on actual events.

The Garden 2005

French couple Jean and Marie go on their honeymoon in Jean's hometown in Africa. They end up in the middle of a tense political situation as soon as they arrive and must spend the night in hiding. Jean begins to take on some of his father's old French colonialist attitude, which comes into drastic conflict with their current situation. As they struggle to stay alive, Marie rethinks her marriage to Jean.

La Casa De Beatriz 2017

When a bitter separation threatens to strip a woman of everything she holds dear, she recruits her housekeeper in a desperate attempt to preserve her way of life.

Le rouge de Chine 1978

Five romantic characters share their lives in a vast castle. Each in his own way is looking for an absolute: J. wanders in the graveyard, B. hacks, C. causes love adventures, A. walks the forest on his horse, and F. repeats in a rock band . A. and J. nourish an idyll that leads them on an "initiatory" journey. Different states of mind pass through them, a sweet mixture that will make them rediscover the world of childhood and haunted castles ... Sonorized with the voice of Antonin Artaud, shot with a very contrasting photographic process, Le rouge de chine refers to the origins of cinematograph.

The Rose of Tirana 2015

English subtitles. Queen Geraldine, a young, penniless Hungarian countess, married King Zog of Albania in 1938 after years of exile. The media nicknamed Geraldine, "The Rose of Tirana". Through this romantic destiny, the tormented history of Albania is brought to light.

Luz de la mission

A young man struggles to come to terms with the death of his mother.

Are You Sure About This? 2011

A documentary about the influence of music on identity. Interviews with musicians, composers and audiences at concerts. Can music improve behavior? And if so, how does this work?

Dragon Flyz 1996

Dragon Flyz is a television program created by Gaumont Pictures that ran for approximately two or three years. The program centered on a coalition known as the Dragonators, a set of humans who ride on Dragon-back in search-and-rescue operations. A line of toys named DragonFlyz, based on the series, was released by Galoob. Dragon Flyz - Children's ITV television programmes © GMTV Ltd. MCVICVI

The Summit 2008

Set on the eve of the next G8 Summit, this miniseries follows a mother's desperate struggle to bring justice to her murdered son, fallen victim to a corrupt pharmaceutical company.

The Second World War in Colour 1999

The Second World War In Colour [1999] is a three-part documentary which reveals hours of previously unseen colour film of World War II. As almost all newsreel film was shot in black and white, this DVD offers a completely new portrait of the war. Dramatic colour footage from as early as 1933 shows home movies of Adolf Hitler and his cohorts, the devastation wrought by the Blitzkrieg, life on the home front, D-Day and the Allied invasion of France, British bombers defying German fighters, the horror of the Holocaust that troops met as they entered Germany, and the jubilation of the final Allied victory. With John Thaw's narration intercut with spoken accounts from the letters and diaries of those who fought, those who survived, and those the war claimed as victims, this documentary is an extraordinary remembrance of a monumental time in world history.

Flying Through Time 2004

Discover the excitement of flying as we reveal the most remarkable aircraft ever built and the aeronautical advancements that shaped flying history in Flying Through Time. Audiences will marvel at historic airships, be wowed by war planes and delight at luxury jetliners.

Inspector George Gently 2007

Crime drama set in the 1960s about an old-school detective trying to come to terms with a time when the lines between the police and criminals have become blurred.

Robin Williams: Weapons of Self-Destruction

In this comedy special taped at DAR Constitution Hall, his first solo special on the network in seven years, Williams covers such topics as global warming, sex and politics, the state of health care in the country (suggesting a cash for clunkers program for elderly relatives, among other things), drugs - recreational and otherwise - and more personal topics, including his recent heart surgery.

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 1995

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child is an American anthology animated television series that premiered March 26, 1995, on HBO. Narrated by Robert Guillaume, the series aired 39 episodes from 1995 to 2000, and is currently airing on the HBO Family digital cable television channel in the United States since 1999.

The Magic Roundabout 1964

The Magic Roundabout is a French-British children's television programme created in France in 1963 by Serge Danot, with the help of Ivor Wood and Wood's French wife, Josiane. The series was originally broadcast between 1964 and 1971 on ORTF, originally in black-and-white. Having originally rejected the series as "charming... but difficult to dub into English", the BBC later produced a version of the series using the original stop motion animation footage with new English-language scripts, written and performed by Eric Thompson, which bore little relation to the original storylines. This version, broadcast in 441 five-minute-long episodes from 18 October 1965 to 25 January 1977, was a great success and attained cult status, and when in 1967 it was moved from the slot just before the evening news to an earlier children's viewing time, adult viewers complained to the BBC.

Happy Ness: Secret of the Loch

Happy Ness: Secret of the Loch was a children's cartoon that aired in 1994, centering around a community of Loch Ness "monsters" who could fly and swim. It lasted 13 episodes, and originated in the United Kingdom, but also aired in the U.S. on the Fox Network, and in Sweden.

Waffle the Wonder Dog 2018

Evie's mum, Jess, has just married Doug's dad, Simon. They arrive home to find a puppy hiding in their wedding gifts. This magical talking dog will change their lives forever.


Litoral is a four-part 2008 Chilean film written and directed by Raúl Ruiz.

Coffee House 2010

Coffee House is a 2010 South Korean television series starring Kang Ji-hwan, Park Si-yeon, Ham Eun-jung, and Jung Woong-in. It aired on SBS from May 17 to July 27, 2010 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 20:45 for 18 episodes. The early working title was Page One.

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