Alleen op de wereld 2016

Remi (played by Julian Ras) is a foundling, but apart from that he's just a normal boy, who lives an ordinary life together with Betty Barbarin, the mother who found him. Untill his eleventh birthday, when a big truck stops at their door and Betty's husband returns home after many years. Jerome thinks it's too much, two men under one roof. He takes Remi with him in his truck and abondons him at a gasstation.There Remi is found for the second time in his life. He travels with Vitalis and his animals in their old van. This is the beginning of an adventurous journey in which Remi makes and loses friends and through all the ups and downs finally finds his happiness.

Le soleil de minuit 1926

Irène Sorbier sacrifices her honor to save her father from ruin. A few months afterwards,she meets a charming young man named André Varennes and they both take a fancy towards each other. On their wedding night, Irène confesses her past to André who leaves her. The meet again after a year and Irène gets to explain and plead her case. Although André forgives her, he leaves for a cruise on his yacht alone. She tries to follow him on a small boat but a storm capsizes it and André rescues his wife that he has always loved.

The Battle of Aysén 2017

The summer of 2012 the eyes of Chile and the world went towards the forgotten Aysen. A whole town raised by historical demands for a better quality of life.

Crystal Book 1996

This European thriller, set in Sri Lanka, attempts to expound upon the philosophical implications of life, death, and memory. JB, an academic famed for his studies of oriental culture and alcoholic who has never recovered from his wife's suicide, returns to Sri Lanka to translate a book written on glass. It is supposed to contain Buddha's discourse upon memory. While he is there, an attractive nurse, Julia asks him to assist a young boy who wants to locate his father who is now living in a Tamil-occupied area. The Tamil terrorists will kill any trespassers. Compounding JB's conflict in deciding to go is that his former home where he lived with his wife is in that area. Unbeknownst to him, the boy is really a Tamil spy.

The Man Who Did Not Bother With Trifles (1956) 1956

Lu Ban's second short titled The Man Who Doesn’t Bother about Trifles (不拘小节的人 bùjū xiǎojié de rén). He carefully toned down the political satire here, switching his target to intellectuals instead of bureaucrats. The main character, Li Shaobai, is a rude literary critic who goes to a conference to lecture about satirical literature. Li is absolutely full of himself, and constantly misunderstands other people. Like Before the New Director Arrives, The Man Who Doesn’t Bother about Trifles was greeted with plenty of positive responses. Still, while Lu tried to be more careful with this second short, this didn’t stop some critics from taking issue with its ridiculous main character and humor.

De repente, la noche 2018

Elena & Mario have a daughter who suffers from a serious illness.In order to survive,she will need a transplant from a genetically compatible sibling. After a number of unsuccessful pregnancies, Elena is expecting again. This time,everything is going well; but loneliness,and the fear of losing her husband's love will push Elena deep into the abyss.

Lotus Lantern

Lotus Lantern is a Chinese animated feature film produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

The Elephant Princess 2008

The Elephant Princess is an Australian children's television series that first screened on Network Ten in 2008. The series is produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions. A second and final season began screening in 2011. Family Channel Canada has confirmed that this series is not renewed for third season.

The Mumbly Cartoon Show 1976

Lt. Mumbly, a trenchcoat-wearing solver of crimes, didn't look or act very bright but always got his man anyway - even when the parts of his car were falling off all the time.

Hitoshi Tadano, the Extraordinary Undercover Detective 2003

Hitoshi Tadano is an assistant manager of an advertisement company who seems to be nothing but a dull and incapable “nobody”. While most of the employees wonder why such a passive and incompetent person like Hitoshi is yet to be laid off, there is just one person who heavily relies on him as a “savior” to the company, the CEO. In fact, the “Mr. Nobody” is simply a disguise from the real Hitoshi, as he is under various special missions of the CEO to quietly carry on his “extraordinary” task to fight against the corruption of the company.

Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist

Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist is a children's animated television program that is an international co-production between March Entertainment and SLR Productions in Canada and Australia. The series first screened on Network Ten in 2008 and is designed for kids aged 6 and older. It began airing on CBC Television in Canada in January 2010 and currently airs on Saturday mornings. qubo airs the series in the USA. There are 26 episodes of 25 minutes duration each. Episodes are usually screened in a half-hour timeslot.

Decisive Battles of the Ancient World 2006

Decisive Battles of the Ancient World They are the moments when history was writ in blood; when armies determined the fate of empires and men became myths. They are the Decisive Battles of the Ancient World. In a groundbreaking release, History Channel presents the defining points of ancient warfare-moments that altered the course of history and shaped the modern world. Travelling the globe to explore every aspect of these legendary encounters, this smashing DVD collection reveals the tactics and introduces the commanders that led the way to victory. Decisive Battles of the Ancient World provides a comprehensive account of the legendary leaders who triumphed and the brilliant military tactics that swayed destiny as it examines every facet of these legendary encounters. Witness stunning recreations of the crucial battles of Rome and beyond, from Cannae to Marathon to Thermopylae and follow some of the greatest warriors of all time. This absorbing DVD collection, Decisive Battles of the Ancient World, offers the ultimate survey of the colossal conflicts that determined the fate of the Western world. Revisit the exploits of Hannibal, Spartacus, Attila the Hun and many others. Detailed re-enactments bring these pivotal events to life. Military historians, archaeologists and other experts share their insights.

The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch 2011

Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress Toni Collette and created by artist Emma Magenta, The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch is an animated story of love, beauty and hope. Phillipa Finch delves into her emotional history to uncover how she "died". She reflects on her first love with childhood friend, Fragile Boy, and searches for that perfection again. After encountering Journey Man, Mr Lonely Planet, the Dark Lord, Skater Boy and Piano Man, Phillipa is overwhelmed by her bruised heart and dies. Then her forgotten self, who knew how to love properly, returns and instantly there is hope. Phillipa steps in to her new emotional future, calmly knowing that it isn't going to be perfect.

Patrick Dempsey: Racing LeMans 2013

The list of legendary actors-turned-racers is as short as it is iconic: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and James Garner. This summer, Velocity follows Patrick Dempsey as he joins this elite group when he tackles the world's oldest and most grueling automotive endurance race, France's 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In Justice 2006

In Justice is an American television police procedural created by Michelle King and Robert King. The series began airing on Sunday, January 1, 2006 on ABC as a midseason replacement and assumed its regular night and time on Friday, January 6, 2006 at 9 p.m. EST. It was cancelled after its 13-episode run on March 31, 2006. The series was simulcast in Canada on CTV. In the UK In Justice was shown on UKTV Gold beginning September 17, 2006 and was later repeated on ABC1 in 2007.

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