Taking Father Home 2005

A 17 year old boy from a village in the Sechuan province leaves for the big city looking for his father, who left 6 years before and has not been heard of since. The fact that his mother still receives money his father does nothing to tame his anger. He his not looking for a warm reunion, it is unconcealed revenge that drives him. Totally lost, he roams the big city with his basket of ducks on his back...

Lola's Lolos 1976

In a deliberately erratic and disjointed fashion, this film follows the adventures of Bernard (Jean-Pierre Leaud). A young man from the provinces, he makes his pilgrimage to Paris and seeks adventure while living on a barge.

The Sandman 2007

Two love birds fly out of the cuckoo's nest in a stirring Spanish romance of mad love and doomed passion.

La joya de Mekong 2010

The Mekong River is the most important means of communication in Southeast Asia. On its waters live and work thousands of Vietnamese who are engaged in trade. After the Vietnam War, which completely transformed the country, Vietnamese society has been recovering ancient traditions.

La película de Ana 2013

Ana is a telenovela actress but because of financial troubles resorts to producing a prostitution documentary under false pretences.

Children of the Street 2004

“Children of the Street” examines the gritty reality of four children living on the streets of Mexico City. Filmed during September and December of 2001, this dramatic and moving documentary follows Marcos, Erika, Antonio and Juan as they get high, visit their families, and struggle to survive in the world’s largest metropolis.

The Cradle of God 1926

A young intellectual, J. Powers, loses his faith in God after the untimely death of his wife. He devotes his great talents to writing a shockingly blasphemous book, debunking all religion, and then embarks on a trip to Jerusalem. Far from reconciling him to God, the sight of all the different sects worshipping in that ancient city only serves to embitter him and deepen his unbelief. One day, wandering in the country, he loses his way and stops to ask directions at a small house. The inhabitants are a poor but devout family whose daughter, Ruth, revives his broken heart. At the risk of losing her, he confesses to her his loss of faith, and she gently declares that meditation on the Gospels will heal him. He sorrowfully tells her that he wishes he could believe as she does, but it is impossible.

A Daughter of Israel 1925

Overly mature Betty Blythe is cast as the gamine-like granddaughter of a Turkish rabbi, who is taken out of her cozy environs by a music-hall star and transformed into a cabaret dancer. It isn't that she hates the work; it's simply that she feels she has turned her back on her people. Blythe is rescued by an elderly Jewish leader who takes her to a Zionist colony in Palestine. She marries her benefactor, but her heart remains with her true love back in Constantinople.

Sun Inside 2019

During a summer break, four teenagers from the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro must follow their paths and dreams as the temperature continually increases.

The Summit 2008

Set on the eve of the next G8 Summit, this miniseries follows a mother's desperate struggle to bring justice to her murdered son, fallen victim to a corrupt pharmaceutical company.

Cheese in the Trap 2016

Hong Seol and Yoo Jung attend the same college, but they couldn't be more different. Hong Seol is a poor, unpopular student with no money, while Yoo Jung is rich, well-liked, extremely smart, and popular. Hong Seol just wants to get through her college career quietly, but finds herself getting caught up in whatever Yoo Jung drags her into. Can Hong Seol break away, or will she continue to be the only person who sees Yoo Jung's true self?

Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano

Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano was an Indian reality show that aired on STAR Plus channel. The series premiered on January 2, 2009 and aired until February 13, 2009 on every Friday and Saturday at 10pm IST.

Million Dollar Decorators

Million Dollar Decorators is an American reality documentary television series on Bravo. The series premiered on May, 31, 2011.

Delusional Downtown Divas

Delusional Downtown Divas is an internet television show. The show was originally commissioned by Index Magazine and was first shown at Art Production Fund Lab in January 2009. The show revolves around three young women who were raised amidst the New York art world. Through the course of the show, the characters try to establish themselves in the art community with mixed success. The series heavily parodies the New York art world. Art industry insiders such as Yvonne Force Villareal, Nate Lowman, Rob Pruitt and others have cameos. The show brought much attention to creator Lena Dunham. In 2010, it was announced that Dunham was creating a television show for HBO. The show, which will be called Girls, is expected to draw from Dunham's first show Delusional Downtown Divas.

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