Back to Roots 2015

A portrait of a village through the sharing and deconstruction of personal and collective memories. The village of Belide in Portugal turns joyous and lively in August, when its community – of Portuguese emigrants to France during the 60s and 70s – return briefly or permanently to their homeland.

A Wedding Day 2018

Karim, a French crook in exile in Algiers, lives off petty scams. In this open-air prison, he drags his spleen around other hoodlums.

A Drop of Blood 1963

The documentary promotes and demonstrates the process of blood donation and even depicts a cesarean section to convince the public of the urgency to donate blood.

The Risk of Living 1978

A paean to Darwin and his theories, this documentary on the increasing complexity of life forms as they go up the evolutionary scale is fascinating in its visual images. Microscopic organisms in a tiny drop of water vie for the viewer's interest with birds and monkeys and other animals in their natural setting. Intelligence and awareness increase on the way toward more evolved species until it becomes clear that different kinds of apes and monkeys are fairly calculating in their use of tools and communication. One drawback is that the narration does not entertain on a par with the images captured on camera.

Une touche de bleue 1988

Da Costa (Jean-Claude Frissung) is a dedicated cop who tracks down murder suspect Fanfan in this routine crime drama. The sleuth interviews the man's cohorts who willingly provide unusable information to his whereabouts. Da Costa's biggest clue is a videotape of a young man who appears to be the man in question.

La asunción de José 2016

A heartless poet wants to rewrite his lost stories while talking with Ines, the woman who takes care of his fundamental needs.

La ilusión de Noemí 2016

A story where the magical world of two ten year old friends contrasts with everyday conflicts of working families in the industrial city of Berisso.

Story of a day 2009

Historia de un día begins by observing the peaceful life of farmers living in a rural area in Latin America. Day breaks. A woman touches her eyebrows. A man shaves. Chickens are set loose and goats are fed. Little or nothing is said but the soundtrack gradually evolves into a rich, subtle combination of background noise and added sounds. This observation takes on a more contemplative mood, when attention is focused on the other subjects of the film.

Bewitched 2012

She arrives home at the end of the day, tired. While she prepares dinner, he reads the newspaper. Finally, she decides to bake some special cookies.

PBS Latenight with Dennis Wholey

PBS Latenight with Dennis Wholey is PBS's first nationally broadcast talk and viewer phone-in television program, hosted by Dennis Wholey. It premiered January 4, 1982.

Death At The Mansion: Rebecca Zahau 2019

The death of Rebecca Zahau is returning to the spotlight thanks to Oxygen. The network is launching Death at the Mansion: Rebecca Zahau, a new limited series, dedicated to her mysterious death just days after that of her boyfriend's son. One mansion, two deaths, all the questions.

Future Weapons 2006

Future Weapons, sometimes also written as FutureWeapons and Futureweapons, is a television series that premiered on April 19, 2006 on the Discovery Channel. Host Richard "Mack" Machowicz, a former Navy SEAL, reviews and demonstrates the latest modern weaponry and military technology. The program is currently broadcast on the Discovery Channel and Military Channel.

Bread and Soup and Cat Weather 2013

Akiko (Satomi Kobayashi) lives with her mother, but suddenly her mother passes away. Since then she quits her editing job and takes over her mother's small restaurant. At the restaurant there's only two items on the menu: sandwich and soup.

The Gathering 2007

The Gathering is a television mini series directed by Bill Eagles, starring Peter Fonda, Peter Gallagher, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. This thriller was first shown October 13, 2007, on Lifetime Television.

Deadwater Fell 2020

When a seemingly perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they knew and trusted, cracks appear on the surface of a supposedly idyllic community.

Pompeii 2007

Forbidden love blossoms in the city of Pompeii, which until the eruption of volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD, is one of the empire's most powerful cities.

Secrets Of Bones 2015

Primatologist Ben Garrod shows us how a single, universal body plan - the skeleton - shaped the animal kingdom.

Enemies from the Past 2017

Go Ya supports her family by doing part-time work. Her father had an affair and left home 10 years ago. She is now looking for a regular full-time job. Ji Seok is a lawyer who specializes in divorces. He is skeptical about marriage, but after he meets Go Ya and gets close to her, they face a difficult situation.

The Naughty Show

The Naughty Show is an adult-themed live comedy show and podcast hosted by creator Sam Tripoli. In 2008, Tripoli developed the concept as a pilot for Comedy Central. His idea was to bring rock and roll and chaos back to stand-up by turning a show into an event. He created a variety show with a party atmosphere in hopes of attracting young, fun bar crowds into the comedy clubs. Tripoli describes it as “the dirty show you can bring your girlfriend to.”

Transformers: Armada 2002

Transformers: Armada, known in Japan as Chō Robot Seimeitai Transformers: Micron Densetsu, is a Transformers animated series, comic series and toy line which ran from 2002–2003. It was originally scheduled for 2001, however was delayed until early-2002. As the first series co-produced between the American toy company, Hasbro, and their Japanese counterpart, Takara, Armada begins a new continuity/universe for Transformers, with no ties to any of the previous series, including the immediately prior Transformers: Robots in Disguise in 2001. It would go on to birth a sequel in the form of Transformers: Energon.

First and Last 2018

Take an intimate look at the emotionally charged first and last days of new and soon-to-be released inmates at Georgia's Gwinnett County Jail.

The Far Pavilions 1984

Adapted from M.M. Kaye's best-selling novel, this dramatic HBO miniseries follows two star-crossed lovers -- the young British officer Ash (Ben Cross) and the betrothed princess Anjuli (Amy Irving) -- as they face daunting odds in their quest to be together. Set in India during the time of the British Raj, this haunting (and BAFTA-nominated) love story features spectacular scenery and an epic saga of battle, treachery and intrigue.

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