Candido erotico 1978

A teenage girl falls in love with a man who works in live sex shows, and who just happens to be having an affair with the girl's stepmother--with her father's knowledge.

Forbidden Erotica 1978

Mondo style fake documentary, revolving around the antics of comedian and voyeur Domenico.

Around the World in 80 Beds 1977

This German “mondo” movie has a TV host (Esther Moser) narrating and introducing various sexual acts from around the world. This includes S&M acts, a class teaching masturbation, a man who likes to pretend to be a baby and getting spanked by his mother and various other naughty tales.

Eroticon 1971

An exotic tapestry of emotions, sensations and ideas…one step beyond experience.

Eroticon sublim 1968

The title of this film refers to the sublime possibilities of the film: the film can be seen forwards, backwards, from above or even upside down. The film is one entirely uncut piece. Eroticon is dedicated to the color of the material.

The Big Bet 1985

A teenage boy that had early sexual encounters is having trouble finding them now, and spends a lot of time fantasizing about the women he knows. When a beautiful new girl comes to town, he makes a bet with the other guys that he can get her into bed within 10 days. His chief rival stacks the deck, though, by threatening to expose the new girl's sordid past (she was wrongly accused of being involved in an orgy at her previous school) if she sleeps with our hero. Confused about his situation, the boy seeks counsel from the sexy older woman across the street, and she helps him come to terms with his predicament.

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