Congo Beat The Drum 2016

Two musicians from Tel Aviv travel to Jamaica to record an album with forgotten reggae artists from the past.

Without Bounds to Beat

A town recounts an ancient folk tradition in contrast to today’s digital technology

The Street Is My Beat 1965

A newlywed young woman learns that her husband is a pimp, and ultimately goes to work for him as a call-girl...thus begins her rapid downward spiral.

Missing a Beat 2005

A teenage boy rides out of town to meet a a girl in the countryside. She is deaf, and he explains the different means he uses to get her attention when she has not seen him. Then they say goodbye, with one poignant hug and a desperate yell punctuating their final farewell.

Turn the Beat Around 2010

An idealist young dancer named Zoe (Romina D’Ugo) tackles the difficult issue of resurrecting disco dancing in today’s music business. She meets hostility beyond resistance on every dance floor where she spins and twirls. Fortunately, she has at least one ally, a nightclub owner and visionary named Michael (David Guintoli) who shares her zeal for the long-ago dance craze. With money to burn, Michael arranges for Zoe to test market bringing back disco, even with rival choreographers like Malika (Brooklyn Sudano). Soon dance takes a two-step in the wrong direction when hard-hearted Malika and Michael start vying to become Zoe’s dance partner.

Dread Beat an' Blood 1979

Profile of Linton Kwesi Johnson whose poetry is rooted very strongly in feelings of marginalisation and alienation found within urban black populations in the UK. Johnson, born in Jamaica in 1952, has deliberately chosen to align himself with the oral poetic tradition of the West Indies, in which the poet is not isolated and introspective, but has a definite social role as a commentator and interpreter, as a public voice around which people can gather. As he says in the film, "The spoken word has more immediacy: it reaches more people, than written poetry could ever do." The concerns of his poetry are the concerns of the community within which he moves: the young black working-class people of inner city London who, mainly unemployed, are disaffected and disillusioned. […] The film follows Johnson as he read his poems in a school, works at the Keskidee centre, records an LP, and recites at a march in Bradford. […] (British Universities Film & Video Council)

Zapada, Una Comedia Beat 2002

A reworking of Waiting for Godot where two losers (Coco and Peluca) are waiting in an amusement park abandoned to a former occasional boss (Godotti) who owes them a small amount of money.

Je sens le beat qui monte en moi 2012

Two atypical characters, one red and one blue, try to communicate. Were it not for Alain's shyness and Rosalba uncontrollable body behaviour whenever she hears a song, a love story could happen. But between the ebbs and flows there is a tiny space. In this major work, Le Quellec entertains and moves us and we feel like saying: the secret is in the pin!

The Fresh Beat Band: Wizard of Song 2012

Marina isn't with the Fresh Beat Band anymore. Join Marina as she journeys down the Yellow Road to see the Wizard of Song with some familiar faces: Scarecrow (Twist), Tin Woman (Kiki), and Cowardly Lion (Shout). But these friends need to protect Marina from the Bad Witch to get her home to the Fresh Beat Band. Features the tv movie and two bonus episodes: Ghost Band and Chimps In Charge

Back from the Beat 2019

An aspiring musician and delivery driver is taken advantage of by both his employer and his close friend.

The Unseen: Detroit Beat Tape 2017

"The Unseen (A Detroit Beat Tape) explores the soul and roots of Detroit Hip-Hop production, mirroring the sketchpad-style format of a beat tape. Loosely acting as a prequel to the LA-based All Ears documentary, The Unseen provides rare insights into a scene that has remained distant from the public eye, while giving birth to some of the culture's richest and most influential sounds. The film [provides a] glimpse [into] the hidden and elusive characteristics inherent in a city often depicted in a one-dimensional light." - Gus Sutherland

I Beat Up My Rapist

a young woman refuses to rely on a system that repeatedly fails sexual assault victims and takes justice into her own hands.

Rave, Dancing to a Different Beat 1993

Rave and Ecstasy! A cult film waiting to happen! written and directed by Shooba-Doo (who also co-stars as a drug lord); with Anne Betancourt, Ray Oriel, Eddie Garcia, Shawn Alex Thompson, Gina Philips and Keri Jo Chapman; a street-smart (but often laughable and self-righteous) exploitation movie in the fine tradition of MARIJUANA; a dancer uses tainted drugs to seduced, rape and kill young females in underground rave clubs

Du-beat-e-o 1984

A filmmaker tries to finish editing a movie about all-girl rock band Runaways.

Rick Springfield: The Beat of the Live Drum 1985

He soared to the heights of stardom in the '80s as a teen idol, a soap star on "General Hospital," and a platinum-selling, Grammy-Award winning music artist. This concert event showcases the energy and vitality that propelled Springfield to the top of the pop charts, filled with spectacular live footage, giant projection screens, integrated music videos, and thousands of adoring fans. It's an unforgettable evening with one of the hottest performers of the '80s! Songs: Don't Walk Away, Alyson, Living in Oz, Affair of the Heart, Celebrate Youth, Human Touch, My Father's Chair, Jessie's Girl, State of the Heart, Bop 'Til You Drop, Don't Talk to Strangers, Love Somebody, Souls, Dance This World Away, Stand Up.

And the Beat Goes On 2009

Actor Jimi Mistry has worked with Gurinder Chadha, Roland Emmerich, Edward Zwick and Guy Ritchie, rejecting the Hollywood lifestyle to remain based in the UK. Now he has teamed up with director Steve Jaggi and filmed a love song to Ibiza called And The Beat Goes On. Well-received at both the Ibiza International Music Summit and the Ibiza Film Festival last month.

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