Ève et le serpent 1949

Georges, a medical student, falls in love with Louisette, his pretty neighbor, and gets engaged to her. They are as happy as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. One small hitch is that Georges' father has serious money troubles and cannot support his son anymore. But what does it matter? Georges and Louisette just have to find work. The latter is hired by a rich tenant of the apartment building she lives in with her fiancé. Another hitch lies in the fact that Monsieur Grompat, her employer is a bit like the serpent in the Book of Genesis : he only aims to tempt her and to seduce her out of the arms of Georges. But Louisette is not Eve and she manages to emerge unscathed from the adventure. She will live happily with the man of her heart for the rest of her days.

The Threatening Sky 1966

A short protest film about the Vietnam War. The film puts the resistance to America in the context of resistances to occupation, like that of occupied Europe against the Nazis, and the heroic endurance of enemy bombing in the tradition of Londoners' endurance of the Blitz. There are sequences of the industrial and agricultural life of Vietnam, when air-raid warnings are sounded and men and women either carry on working regardless or leap into defence with rifles and machine guns. There are shots of the citizens of Hanoi preparing defences against air attack. There are shots of the NLF jungle command HQ, of the primitive traps they were setting over the country and of their captured American arms. There are shots of anti-American riots in Saigon and tales of the computerised planning of the escalation of the war and of blanket bombing by the Pentagon.

Le Nozze di Figaro 2012

Perhaps no opera is as closely and affectionately associated with a single opera house as Le Nozze di Figaro is with Glyndebourne. Michael Grandage's staging is no less than the seventh in the festival's history, and sets the opera in the sleazy Sixties. Directed by Robin Ticciati, the production was lauded for its "ideal pacing" and youthful cast (which includes "no weak link" and "looks gorgeous"—The Sunday Times), and continues Glyndebourne's rewarding explorations of Mozart and Da Ponte's "day of madness".

The Secret of 421 1938

Alphonse and his wife Zulma hold the 421, a tavern in the outskirts of Lille, in the North of France. It is always full of regulars who play cards there and drink gin and exchange words in ch'timi, the local patois. But there has been trouble lately: felonies have been committed in the surroundings. So who can be those two strangers who have just rented a room each at the 421? Each sets about doing a bit of detective work.

Body of Angels 2016

Remi throws himself on the ground, listens to birds and falls asleep in hedges. Gabriel opens his stomach to the tip of a knife. They meet.

Le Haut du Lièvre 1989

The film consists of a tracking shot across one of the biggest housing projects (400 meters long) ever made in France. Located on a hill in the city of Nancy, this project by Bernard Zerfuss is an idealistic gesture, typical of the 60’s, a project between land art and architecture that would soon be stigmatized among other giant projects and considered a mistake in many ways. The film was made ten years before the building project would be transformed to a shortened proposal. Half of it was turned down.The curves and the wavy moving image, due to the fact that the on-ride video was shot by the artist riding a bicycle, give the film a sense of fluidity and vertigo. The soundtrack is a Kate Bush song played backwards, emphasizing the rubbing like feeling in the image, like being in a melancholic nightmare.

The Trip To Algiers 2009

When the War of Independence ends, a widow must find a roof for her six children. Luckily, a Frenchman about to leave offers her the house he is about to vacate. But a high-placed local bureaucrat does not agree to such a gift. After losing all hope of obtaining the property due to the bias of the local authorities, she decides to go to the capital with her children to speak to the president of the Republic.

Le monstre du spa 2018

On Valentine's Day, a young couple preparing to spend a romantic moment in the spa has their evening messed up by the appearance of a monstrous creature.

A Fox Blood 1996

A story passes in a village and includes four main characters: a boy who is just at the age of the sexual activity, a mad man and two women.

Rond est le monde 2013

Inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Creatures, an inner journey between visible and invisible, enlightened contemplation driven by the changing light of seasons.

La pratique du loisir au Canada 2016

In order to rekindle their romantic flame, Anne and Vincent have decided to practice a different activity every Sunday, dragging along two single friends who have nothing in common to keep things light and diffuse the tension.

アイドル伝説えり子 1989

Idol Densetsu Eriko is a Japanese anime series by Ashi Productions. It ran in Japan from 1989 until 1990, spanning 51 episodes. The story has been adapted into a 3-volume manga series by Ayumi Kawahara. The main character, Eriko Tamura, is actually a Japanese idol in real life. She performs the opening theme, and the last episode's ending theme.

Granting You a Dreamlike Life 2018

A food critic, Lin Jing Yun who was born and bred in France, returns to her family home to find an old diary that chronicles a love story between a popular actress Tian Ying/Lin Ruomeng and the son of a triad leader, Luo Fu Sheng during 1930s Shanghai.

Light Squadron Maskman 1987

Commander Sugata discovered the existence of the Royal Underground Empire Tube, a malignant force that desires to dominate the land, which is based underneath Japan. He recruits five young people, each one specializing in a style of martial arts, and teaches them in the ways of the mystical "Aura Power" energy. A year after he recruited and trained the Maskmen, Tube is ready to strike.

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