New Kids 2007

A show about a group of friends, who, due to their anti-social tendencies, terrorize the population of Maaskantje, Brabant, the Netherlands

New Kids on the Block 1990

New Kids on the Block is an animated television series featuring the adventures of the New Kids on the Block. The series lasted a season from 1990–1991 on ABC. The following year, The Disney Channel showed the series in reruns. Though the group appeared in live action clips, the voices of the New Kids were done by other voice actors, due to licensing reasons. "You Got It" was the opening theme, while an instrumental version of "Step by Step" was the closing theme.

New Kids on the Rock 2008

Neil, Kevin and Ryan are three hapless friends hired by Plymouth Rock Studios to create and star in Webisodes every week, so that they can earn a paycheck. However, trouble and mayhem often ensues in their quest to film their Webisodes, which they must overcome in numerous ways.

Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block 2015

Die-hard fans take the vacation of a lifetime when they board a cruise with the sole intention of being near the members of their favorite band for just a few days. New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), one of the hottest boy bands in music history with more than 80 million albums sold worldwide, will set sail on the wildly popular, sold out cruise with their most loyal fans for a four-day adventure at sea. The cast includes a whole range of NKOTB devotees from three sisters taking the family cruise they've always dreamt about to a group of single moms looking to let their hair down by partying with rock stars. Sail on back to your youth with Rock This Boat - celebrating fandom like never before.

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