So Soft, So Cunning 1979

So Soft, So Cunning, considered one of Fujita’s best films, is a somber look at family life in contemporary Japan... Contains mainstream actress Aiko Morishita's first nude scenes... Originated the catch-phrase, 'kutabare nyu famiri' -- "space age family".

The Duke's Motto 1925

The Prince of Gonzague kills the Duke of Nevers and tries to marry his widow, Aurore de Nevers, so he can get his hand on his fortune. The Chevalier Lagardère takes the child Irène de Nevers with him to Spain only to return disguised as a hunchback years later to unmask the Prince for the villain he is.

The Farthest Galaxy 2013

Detective Seiichiro Watari is nearing retirement, but is still bothered by an unsolved case from seven years ago when the decomposed corpse of a female was found by a fisherman in the sea of Otaru. The body was never identified so the case was never solved. Three years after his retirement, Watari unexpectedly discovers a clue that may finally solve the case. However, at the same time, he learns he does not have long to live. Although he is no longer on the police force, he puts all his energy into reinvestigating the case, in a race to solve the mystery before he dies.

Dangerous Cops Pt.3 1989

Taka and Yuji find evidence in a 15-year-old case, but the statute of limitations expires in four days and they're hunting illicit gun manufacturers.

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