Los Niños Invisibles 2001

A young boy and his friends attempt to become invisible to get closer to the girls they desire. They must steal the magic recipe and its ingredients without getting caught to perform the ritual.


A Film by Giuseppe Andrews.

Juego de niños 1995

Mexico City is experiencing a series of child killings and through the friendship of a classmate, Lalo learns that his friend may have something that may solve these crimes, as long as the killer doesn't get to them first.

Murderous Children 2018

4 stories about 4 criminal children. Two teenagers trapped in a world full of drugs and human trafficking, another two kids bring their loved ones to the limit, other two resentful kids want to fulfill their most evil desires, and one kid who has to decide between killing or loving.

The Grown-Ups 2016

Anita, Rita, Ricardo and Andrés have been attending a school for children with Down syndrome for 40 years. After all this time, they are starting to tire of this safe, familiar environment. Now over 45 years old, some of them feel that working in the school bakery is no longer a challenge. They also yearn for freedom on a more personal level. Anita and Andrés are in love but still live with their families. They dream of finding a quiet place to be alone together, and they want to get married and raise a family. Sadly, the society they live in is not equipped to cater to their desire for more independence. In spite of the training they receive on becoming “responsible adults,” all four of them remain dependent on others to make decisions for them, much to their frustration.

The Abandoned Children 1975

Shot in 1974 by Danny Lyon and a single audio person, in twenty days in Santa Marta Colombia. It was meant to reach the US television audience with a film of great emotion, in order to liberate them from the numbing inhumanity of most television media. To Lyon's great disappointment, it was never shown on American television. It was rejected because it "had no narration". In fact Lyon was way ahead of his time, and the film was punished for that.

The Song of the Dead Children 2008

Five children are isolated with their father on a lonely beach after the death of their mother. As the days go by, the children start torturing their father.

Ladrones de niños 1958

Kidnapping band has a system set up to transport infants and older children to black-market adoptive parents in the USA.

One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train 1988

Tells the story of a group of Chilean children who discover a larger reality and a different world through the cinema. Each Saturday, Alicia Vega transforms the chapel of Lo Hermida into a film screening room as she conducts a workshop for children under the auspices of the Catholic church. The hundred or so children involved had never seen a movie, and in the workshop they see and learn about the cinema: photograms and moving images, projection, camera angles and movement, film genres, and much more. And they watch movies: Chaplin, Disney, Lamorisse's 'The Red Balloon,' the Lumieres' 'The Arrival of the Train to the Station.' Finally, each child designs his own film with drawings. And then, for the first time in most of their lives, the children got to the movies in downtown Santiago.

Children of the Street 2004

“Children of the Street” examines the gritty reality of four children living on the streets of Mexico City. Filmed during September and December of 2001, this dramatic and moving documentary follows Marcos, Erika, Antonio and Juan as they get high, visit their families, and struggle to survive in the world’s largest metropolis.

Los niños de Rusia 2001

Documentary about the evacuation in different countries, during the Spanish civil war, of thousands of Spanish children to remove them from the conflict. Approximately three thousand children were welcomed by the Soviet Union. Some of these children, now elderly people, tell us about their experiences during this trip that originally was to be a temporary evacuation and which many could not return until twenty years later.

¡Vivan los niños! 2002

¡Vivan los niños! is a Mexican telenovela for children that premiered in 2002. It ran for 155 episodes and finished in 2003. The opening, Vivan los niños, was recorded by the Latin pop group OV7. One of its closing themes, also entitled Vivan los niños, was performed by Cuban-American singer and songwriter Ana Cristina. The show is a version of the Argentinian telenovela "Jacinta Pichimahuida, la maestra que no se olvida". The series starred Andrea Legarreta as 2nd grade teacher Lupita Gómez. After the series ended, Andrea became the long-time host of the morning talk show Hoy. On July 12, 2012, in celebration of Andrea's birthday, the producers of Hoy reunited her with the young actors who played her students on the series.

Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres

Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres is a Colombian telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo. It debuted on July 7, 2009 at 9:30 pm Eastern Time, taking over the second half of El Rostro de Analía until Friday, July 17, when it completely replaced it in the 9–10 pm slot. The story revolves around Alejandra Paz, a beautiful 17-year-old girl and her mother, Lucía, an illegal US immigrant who is deported from Miami back to Bogotá, Colombia; desperate and broke, they are forced to move in with Lucía's hostile sister, Verónica. On the first day, Alejandra is invited to Isabela's party, Esteban's girlfriend. While putting a drug on Alejandra's drink. Alejandra is suddenly raped by Matías, Esteban's friend. Suddenly Alejandra and her mother are submerged into a world of intrigue and betrayal where money is no object and people are not who they seem to be. High school drama soon ensues as Esteban and David fight to win Alejandra's heart. While Esteban and Alejandra date, they are then separated by lies and betrayal made by Mónica and Isabela. Soon Isabela gets pregnant by Gabriel, Rocio and Martha's brother. Later, Isabela lies to Esteban that she is pregnant by him in order to separate him by Alejandra. Suddenly, David learns that he has the opportunity to be with Alejandra, while Alejandra can't forget Esteban and still loves him.

Ninosan 2013

This is an all-in-one variety show with a wide range of topics and themes. Watch the witty Kazunari Ninomiya from ARASHI hosting his own show!

A Place of Our Own 1998

A Place of Our Own is a daily program about child care that airs on Public Broadcasting Service, produced in Los Angeles by KCET. It was hosted by Debi Gutierrez and has been recently hosted by Elizabeth Sanchez. The Spanish-language version is Los Niños en Su Casa, seen on PBS and on the Spanish-language public television network V-me. Their version is hosted by Alina Rosario. This program is produced by KCET in association with Sesame Workshop and 44 Blue Productions. The tagline is "You are your child's first teacher". Friday editions feature a "Week in Review", about the daily week, Monday-Thursday, similar to the review on Learn to Read. As is, people send letters to KCET, or email to Debi Gutierrez/Elizabeth Sanchez of A Place of Our Own or Alina Rosario of Los Niños en Su Casa.

Five Enough 2016

Sang-Tae is left with his two children after his wife passes away. Since that time, he lives with his two kids and parents-in-law. He works as a marketing team leader for a fashion brand. Mi-Jung works as an assistant manager at the same fashion company. 3 years ago, her husband had an affair with her friend and left her. She couldn't tell her kids the truth about their father and lied that their father went to work in America. To this day, the children still believe that their father is in America. Sang-Tae and Mi-Jung never thought about falling in love again, but they fall in love with each other.

Revolting Rhymes 2016

Based on the much-loved children’s book written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, Revolting Rhymes takes classic fairy tales, then mixes them together and serves them with a mischievous twist.

Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids 2013

The series revolves around the adventures of Pepe, a wicked boy who lives in a dark mansion with his grandmother, a witch who works selling artifacts and magic potions in the internet. She always send her grandson to deliver them. Each episode Pepe and his friends (Marilu, Roberto, Guto and Gastón) undergo supernatural adventures facing the various monsters in the city.

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