The Very Late Afternoon of a Faun 1983

A bachelor named Faun with a Don Juan complex, seized with a hypochondriac's fear of the ineluctable approach of death, enters a race against time's passage. Faun's sexual love is imbued with the narcissistic vanity of a self-satisfied bacchant who even towards old age can't manage to forgo his lifelong pose as an irresistable seducer of women. He desperately searches for meaning in superficial, fleeting sex.

Velaikkaran 2017

An enterprising youngster in a slum wants his people to lead a life of dignity, but has to take on an ambitious capitalist, who only wants to dominate his field.

Vellithira 2003

Counting on superstar Rajnikant's popularity, Raghuram and his motley crew of two, entertain residents of a small town, and gain fame almost overnight. Raghuram starts to call himself 'Style Raj', and decides to become a actor in his own right. He starts to woo local belle, Thatha, the daughter of a blacksmith. But it is only his crew that are aware that this self-styled 'Style Raj' has led a secret lifestyle that is inconsistent with his present background.

The Black Velvet Gown 1993

In the 1830's in northern England, Riah Millican, a widow with three children, takes a job as housekeeper to a reclusive former teacher, Percival Miller. Miller makes Riah the gift of a black velvet gown, and even educates her children. But when Riah discovers the reason behind Miller's gifts, she vows to leave his house, but Miller has a hold on her, even after his death, when he leaves his house to her on the condition that she never marry. Riah's daughter, Biddy, grows up and becomes a laundress in a large house where her education keeps her from fitting in and makes her a target. But it also catches the eye of a son of the house, and with Miller's legacies, Biddy may yet find her way to happiness.

Gatillo Veloz 1966

Quick-draw dude helps to protect a woman and her pa from predatory land-grabbing land-grabbers when they discover a silver mine on their ranch.

Velli Vizha 1972

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Who's Scared 1958

A man reads a horror novel late at night. His imagination runs away with him; he thinks some dripping beverage is blood, is frightened by his own bear-skin rug, and faints when he sees a shadow of himself in a noose-like tangle of his phone cord. The ambulance arrives and finds the most threatening thing is a kitten in a sock and a shelf of horror novels. They cart off the novels and leave the man.

Devil's Servants on a Devil's Mill 1972

The 30-year war still goes on. Riga headmasters have decided to submit themselves to mercy of Polish-Lithuanian Duke. Rigas' defenders disagree strongly and steal the ceremonial Key of Riga. Will they succeed in their fight against all odds? Will three Latvian musketeers have their happily ever after?

The Velvet Vampire 1971

Sleepy-eyed nice guy Lee Ritter and his vapid, but pretty wife, Susan accept the invitation of mysterious vixen Diane LeFanu to visit her in her secluded desert estate. Tensions arise when the couple, unaware at first that Diane is in reality a centuries-old vampire, realize that they are both objects of the pale temptress' seductions.

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