Italian Race 2016

Giulia De Martino is a pilot. At seventeen she partecipates in the GT Championship, under the guidance of her father Mario. But one day everything changes and Giulia has to face alone both the track and her own life.

Vento di primavera 2001

A young woman falls for a cardiologist and gives him a job in his father's hospital.

The Time And The Wind 2013

Based on the novel's trilogy of the same name, by Erico Verissimo, Time and the Wind follows 150 years of family Terra Cambará and their opponent Amaral family. The history of struggles between the two families begins in the missions and runs until the end of the 19th century. The film also features the period of formation of the State of Rio Grande do Sul and the dispute of territory between the Portuguese and Spanish crowns

Vento di terra 2004

Vento Di Terra (wind of the earth) is an Italian film about an 18 year old boy (Vicenzo Pacilli) from a poor suburb of Napoli, Italy who finds himself burdened by expectations of supporting his mother after his father dies from an unexpected heart attack. Working in a blue-collar factory job, Vince soon finds that he does not have enough money to support himself, let alone his frail recently widowed mother. His sister departs to Cassano to finally end her employment drought by getting a job in the local FIAT factory. Vince is left alone to support his mother. He gets involved in a heist, and then out of guilt confesses his sin to a close family friend, who suggests he joins the Italian army. In the army Vince meets a new found friend through his training period, and they are soon deployed together to the war torn state of Kosovo in the Former Yugoslavia, where he is exposed to the brutality of war.

Like the Wind 2013

The last few years in the life of Armida Miserere, female jail director who committed suicide

The Wind's Fierce 1970

This western is set in Valencia, Spain at the end of the 19th century, and stars Terence Hill as a close-mouthed gunslinger. The bad guy is the local landlord and aristocrat (Fernando Rey), who horribly abuses the laborers in his community. Written by Ørnås

De Vento em Popa 1957

Industrialist's son returns from the USA, where he'd been supposedly studying Nuclear Physics, when in fact he'd devoted himself to pop music, without his father's knowledge.

At the First Breath of Wind 2003

Using few words and gorgeous imagery, this is a poetic painting of a family, each in their own space on an August afternoon.

North Wind 1951

History shows the daily struggle of fishermen on the coast. Life gets more difficult when a windstorm hits the region, bringing misery. The arrival of an unknown further undermines the community and leads men to react violently.

Vento Menino 2017

The immensity of the sea, the melody of the wind and the greatness of a love between father and son. This is the scenario that the short film Vento Menino navigates to tell the story of Piaba, a sensitive boy who "reads" the wind, which causes admiration and amazement in some residents of a quiet fishing village.

Filhas do Vento 2005

É uma lírica história de redenção amorosa entre irmãs, mães e filhas, em uma pequena cidade do interior de Minas Gerais, onde os fantasmas da escravidão e do racismo acentuam os dramas de forma sutil e poderosa.

The Awakening of Love 2009

Koko, a rich and fascinating Japanese lady arrive in a small Italian village on the lake and shake all the people with his conduct. Giorgia, a young and chaste flower girl who live with her grim grandmother, destined to a religious life and to a marriage with a gross truck farmer, take a fancy to the beautiful Koko. Giorgia will get a sentimental education from Koko and she will start to understand what it means to be free and independent.

South Wind 1959

Antonio Spagara, a young Sicilian worker, has been assigned by the Mafia to murder a nobleman, Marquis Macri. But at the last minute Antonio reneges on his commitment and instead of killing the father, he flees to Palermo with Grazia, his daughter. Life is not a bed of roses in the Sicilian capital, as the young man must impose himself face to his father and his despotic sister Dorotea. To make matters worse, the Mafia is not going to tolerate Antonio's desertion...

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