Shiloh 1996

An abused beagle runs away from his owner. On the road, he meets young Marty Preston and follows him home. The boy immediately forms a bond with the dog and names him Shiloh. His stern father won't let him keep the dog because it belongs to Judd Travers, a local hunter. After Shiloh is mistreated again, he runs away and returns to Marty. Knowing his father will once again make him bring Shiloh back to Judd, he makes a home for the dog in an old shed up the hill from the Prestons' house and hides him from his family. His secret is soon discovered when a stray attacks the dog one night and he must turn to his father for help.

Shiloh 2018

In a moment of desperation and despair, Shiloh travels back in time to save her mother's life. What will changing the course of history for her mother do to her own future?

Saving Shiloh 2006

In this third movie about Shiloh, Judd Travers is accused of killing a man he once fought in a bar. Everyone in the town consider Judd to be guilty except Marty Preston, but even him has some doubts. Trying to clear Judd's name Marty and his friend searches the woods to find the criminal.

Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season 1999

When Shiloh's abusive previous owner, Judd Travers, tries to retake Shiloh again, Ray tries to find a way to end the rivalry and open up the hidden kindness within the town drunk.

Johnny Shiloh 1963

Johnny Shiloh is a 1963 made for TV film that originally aired in two parts on the Wonderful World of Disney in Color. It was released in other countries theatrically as one film and is on DVD as one film. Johnny Shiloh is the true story about Johnny Clem, the ten year old drummer boy who became a union officer in the Civil War.

Shiloh Falls 2007

Shiloh Falls is an exhilarating tale of good versus evil set in the untamed wild west. Gritty lawman John Gaffney has finally tracked down the murderous Dalton Taggert and his gang to the outpost town of Shiloh Falls. But before the fugitives can be brought to justice, a mysterious stranger appears in town, more powerful than any man. When there is no escaping his powers, the sworn enemies must pull together to fight true evil. The heart racing quest rides from the majestic frontier to a pulse pounding main street shoot-em-up for divine retribution

Battle at Shiloh - The Devil's Own Two Days 2012

Our Emmy award-winning production team takes you on a cinematic adventure into the legendary Battle of Shiloh. Seven characters, based on real-life accounts, weave a narrative thread of their own personal experiences during the Battle of Shiloh s vicious two-day brawl, while our objective narrator unfolds one of the bloodiest fights of the American Civil War. These stories reveal the dramatic and haunting effects of Shiloh, which resulted in almost 24,000 maimed, missing or just two days. The 1862 Battle of Shiloh marked a turning point in our nation s history, opening our nation s eyes, North and South, to the true cost of Civil War. Shot in breath-taking 1080p High Definition and with immersive animated maps, and dazzling visual effects, this film is unparalleled in the Wide Awake Films collection.

The Virginian 1962

The Virginian is an American Western television series starring James Drury and Doug McClure, which aired on NBC from 1962 to 1971 for a total of 249 episodes. It was a spin-off from a 1958 summer series called Decision. Filmed in color, The Virginian became television's first 90-minute western series. Immensely successful, it ran for nine seasons—television's third longest running western. It follows Bonanza at fourteen seasons and 430 episodes, and Gunsmoke at twenty seasons and 635 episodes.

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