Sinister 2012

Found footage helps a true-crime novelist realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home, though his discoveries put his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity.

Sinister 2 2015

A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that's marked for death.

Sinister Squad 2016

When a supernatural cult threatens Earth, Alice must assemble a team of fairy tale villains to face the literal forces of Death.

Sinister 2011

A horrifying excursion into black magic and white-knuckled terror! A conjure man (Lucien Eisenach) has moved into town with a big bag of tricks and a short temper. Unwittingly, Emily (Donna Hamblin) crosses his path and provokes his wrath. As the nightmare of his curse progresses, Emily enlists the aid of her brother (Donny Versiga) to find out what's happening and try to reverse the hex before it's too late!

The Sinister Surrogate 2018

Josh and Danielle have found the perfect surrogate, Kailee, to bear their child. But when Kailee gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, the happy couple learns how deep and dark a mother's love can go. But is it really Kailee whom they need to fear, or is she just a pawn in someone else's game? Someone who will stop at nothing to take what she views as hers.

Bend Sinister 1970

In a fictitious European city known as Padukgrad, where a government arises following the rise of a philosophy known as "Ekwilism", which discourages the idea of anyone being different from anyone else, and promotes the state as the prominent good in society.

The Sinister Monk 1965

A hooded serial killer finds a novel way to murder his victims--he lashes them to death with a whip. The police try to track him down before any more murders occur.

Sinister Visions 2013

Horror anthology featuring nerve shattering short horror stories, that will make your bones freeze.

Castle Sinister 1948

During the War, a British agent travels to the remote Glennye Castle in the wilds of Scotland to investigate a mysterious murder by a masked phantom. Who or what is the phantom? And how are the Germans involved?

Sinister Journey 1948

Lee Garvin has eloped with the daughter of a railroad man who didn't approve of the marriage. Hoppy steps in when the young man is framed for murder.

Something Sinister 2018

Amelia's claustrophobic life with Aunt Helen is disrupted when her past tries to push through to her present.

Sinister Minister 2017

A serial killer masquerades as a preacher in order to prey on women. His last wife may have committed suicide and his current wife is sick. Single mom Trish and her daughter move to town and are in jeopardy of becoming his next victims.

Sinister Harvest 1930

Early "shockumentary", apparently shot in Egypt, which documents the habits of opium addicts. The interiors of drug dens are shown, and at the conclusion the film an addict is shown collapsing on a sand dune; the booming voice of the narrator informs us that the addict has perished. Footage used is from the silent film Dope Fiends.

Sinister Stuff 1934

A mustachioed villain fox and suit-sporting yes-men kidnap Cubby's girlfriend. Cubby pursues them to the old sawmill, where the villain has tied her to a log that is soon to be sawn. A classic good guy vs. bad guy battle to save the girl ensues.

Port Sinister 1953

A 17th-century Caribbean port rumored to have frequented by pirates rises from the ocean floor, where it came to rest after an earthquake many years before. A scientist wants to study it, some thugs want the treasure alleged to be stored there, a bunch of mutated giant crabs living there attack them all.

Sinister Hands 1932

During a séance at an elderly millionaire's house, the millionaire is murdered. The detectives investigating the crime discover that everyone who was at the séance had a motive for killing the man.

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