Eighth Grade 2018

Thirteen-year-old Kayla endures the tidal wave of contemporary suburban adolescence as she makes her way through the last week of middle school — the end of her thus far disastrous eighth grade year — before she begins high school.

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife 1938

US multi-millionaire Michael Barndon marries his eighth wife, Nicole, the daughter of a broken French Marquis. But she doesn't want to be only a number in the row of his ex-wives and starts her own strategy to "tame" him.

The Eighth 1996

Gordon Lam kills a guy who raped his sister. When he gets out of jail he runs into a girl in trouble and they fall in love but she has to go back to USA soon. She is somehow related to a gangster. His best friend has a debt to this gangster. The gangster wants another gangster – who is together with his former girlfriend – killed.

The Eighth Commissioner 2018

Siniša Mesjak, an arrogant and ambitious politician on the rise, finds himself in the middle of a scandal. To hide him from the public, the president appoints him as the commissioner of Croatian government on the furthest settled island Trečić, where he is tasked with the organization of local elections. The previous seven commissioners haven't succeeded.

Oliver the Eighth 1934

Barbershop owners Stan and Ollie answer an ad in the newspaper from a wealthy widow looking for a husband. Ollie only mails in his response and is invited to the widow's mansion. Stan discovers his unmailed letter and insists on tagging along. At the mansion, the widow's creepy butler informs them that the woman is crazy. She was once jilted by an Oliver and now her hobby is marrying Olivers and then slitting their throats. Now the boys must figure out how to escape.

Eighth March 2015

The central question of this film is whether the perpetrators of gender violence will get their comeuppance.

The Eighth Day 1960

Françoise, a thirty-year-old single typist lives only for her Sunday release. On this day, she attends a horse race under pretext of perfecting her taste for elegance and refinement. Georges, a neighbor widower, begins to court her.

On the Eighth Day 1984

A documentary exploring the possible ecological and atmospheric consequences of nuclear war, particularly as they would be expressed in a "nuclear winter."

The Eighth Day 1979

Children as real human individuals with the difficulties this involves. Anna and Peiter are 11 years old. Peiter's parents are divorced. Only for one week a year does he live with his father, on the same island as Anna. The children have been friends for years. But this year (because of beginning puberty?) they have difficulty in getting in real touch. Day after day they fail. - Outside a café Peiter boasts that he can do everything. Anna tells him to fetch the thing she is thinking of. He goes inside, asks a guest to rise and brings his chair to Anna. This was indeed the right thing, and this chair will re-appear in other scenes. Another day Peiter boasts that he is not afraid of being locked up in a desolate tower for a few hours. Anna closes the lock on the outside. But her parents prevent her from going out again and Peiter remained alone in the tower for the entire night. -Finally all seven days have gone and the gap that prevented full contact is still not closed.

August. Eighth 2012

August Eighth - story of an ordinary young woman. Ksenia's life is not too happy. Problem at work, problem in personal life, problem with mother, a baby requiring constant cares... Ksenia want to spend a few days in Sochi with new boyfriend, and mom sends her son Artem to the boy's father on Caucasus. But Georgia started war and she must overcome fear, overcome circumstances, she must save her child...

The Eighth Wonder 1902

A view of New York's latest sky-scraper, the remarkable Flatiron Building, at the junction of Broadway, Fifth Ave., and 23rd St., New York, with a panorama of the surroundings.

The Eighth Circle

Dennis knows what he's done and is ready to get on with his eternal damnation. Unfortunately for him, they screwed up his paperwork and bureaucracy is delaying the inevitable - or so he thinks.

The Eighth 1969

During World War II, a plane transfers Bulgarian antifascists from the USSR to Bulgaria. They jump with parachutes. The eighth paratrooper heads a guerilla group. In the group, there are doubts about the existence of a traitor. Initially, an innocent person is accused, but later the real traitor is caught and killed. Still, the most dangerous enemies of the guerillas are the colonel and the troops stationed in the nearby village. The battle between them and the guerillas is won by the latter who continue to fight for their cause.

The Eighth Door 1959

Story of an old university professor, who accidentally becomes involved in the activities of the resistance movement.

The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day (1967) can be understood as one (moving) screen element amongst hundreds that comprised the multimedia installation designed by Montreal artist Charles Gagnon.

The Eighth Brother 1971

Jalmar "Jalli" Riivatsalo works in an ad agency and tries to find success both in love and business.

The Eighth Day of Creation 2003

At the end of the eighth day the Creator has taken refuge in a dark dungeon . Obsessed with transcending he manipulates life to the extreme and tries to engender the perfect being that will immortalize him

The Eighth Happiness 1988

Three oddball brothers go looking for love but unfortunately, their out-there personalities get in the way!

Masters of the Air

The story of the U.S. Army Air Corps’ Eighth Air Force, which was the tip of the spear during the Allies’ daylight bombing campaign of Germany from mid-1942 to the end of World War II.

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