Squatters 2014

A wealthy couple from the Pacific Palisades discovers homeless young lovers have moved into their home.

Squat32 2019

Squat32 is a modern Peter Pan story of searching one`s way to adulthood, and finding own style and talents. Lisa works as a photographer in the Passport Center. One day she comes across a commune of free and talented dreamers’ artists, dancers, musicians, who are squatting in half-ruined desolate house. An eighty-year-old Faina is the only legal resident of the house and the sole obstacle for the developer who plans demolish the whole block including the SquatHouse. Lisa is mesmerized by the energy, freedom and creativity of the commune. They fight for their way of living, create and change the world around them. Lisa herself changes, she begins to search for her place in the world, develops her vision and style. Thanks to Squat32 Lisa’s work as a photographer is noticed and her world and possibilities widen.

Arena Squatted 1977

Based on material that emerged during the occupation of the arena in the summer of 1976, the film shows the organization of collective work, the negotiations with the city and community and finally the demolition of the buildings.

The Contract 2016

Two worlds collide when a wealthy hedge fund trader returns home to find squatters have occupied his country house.

Squatterpunk 2007

Hapon is an 8-year-old survivor in the slums of modern Manila, scratching out an improvised existence at the margins of society. This rawly shot documentary follows Hapon and his mates as they swagger around their dilapidated universe. Featuring a punk-rock score by director Khavn's band the Brockas, the film captures a carefree spirit in the children that completely belies the squalid conditions in which they live.


A Group of explorers search through town and the woods for Bigfoot. All of them assume Bigfoot is a myth and dead but don't know what they're in for when Sasquatch wakes up and goes on a rampage

Squatter 2013

Squatter documents the day to day struggle of a group of homeless people living in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Squatter's Rights 1946

Two chipmunks have made a cozy little home for themselves in the wood-burning stove of an empty cabin. They sleep in a matchbox, wash up in an empty acorn shell filled with water and look at their reflections on the back of a spoon, which serves as their bathroom mirror. They even have a staircase made with a pocket comb. Invading their space are Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto, who are all set for a swell vacation. They don't reckon on the two squatters. Pluto immediately discovers the presence of these two pests, but Mickey never finds out. All he knows is that when he tries to light the stove, the matches go out; he doesn't know the chipmunks are blowing them out. Soon, Mickey is outside chopping wood, while Pluto is alone with the chipmunks. Pluto wants blood, but he'll end up with a bottle of ketchup.

Squatparty 1981

Female punks have fun boozing, smoking and talking in this fascinating film by London lifestyle chronicler Captain Zip.

The Cambridge Squatter 2017

The Cambridge Squatter tells the story of refugees, recently arrived in Brazil who, together with a group of low-income workers, occupy an old abandoned building in downtown São Paulo. Daily dramas, comical situations and different views on the world commingle with the threat of impending eviction.

Petits arrangements avec ma mère 2012

Fabien has been a manager for years. Overnight, this 40 year old man is unemployed. His wife Daniela pushes him to recover an apartment he had made available to his mother, Marie-Louise. But the woman is not at all ready to leave the apartment, especially not since she now has a new boyfriend, André.

The Squatter's Daughter 1933

A story of rival sheep stations and of the strong-willed squatter’s daughter who wants to unite them.

The Squatter's Daughter 1910

A 1910 Australian silent film based on the popular play by Bert Bailey and Edmund Duggan. The plot concerns the rivalry between two neighboring sheep stations, Enderby and Waratah. This version includes the subplot about the bushranger Ben Hall which was not used when the play was adapted again in 1933.

Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies 2008

As always, Carvey never crosses the line into mean-spiritedness, but easily glides in and out of every impression & expression, reminding us of the huge talent we came to know and love before he left the scene due to his heart condition. It's a bittersweet irony that Dana Carvey is one comic who is ALL heart...

The Full Monty 1997

Sheffield, England. Gaz, a jobless steelworker in need of quick cash persuades his mates to bare it all in a one-night-only strip show.

Squatting the Palace: An Installation By Kiki Smith In Venice 2009

American artist Kiki Smith is renowned for print and sculptural works that explore issues of feminism and the female body. This documentary offers a glimpse into Smith's artistic process as she creates a series of prints, sculptures, and furniture for an eight-room art installation called "Homespun Tales: Stories of Domestic Occupation," which was exhibited in Venice, Italy, as part of the 2005 Venice Biennale.

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