Where Are You From, Johnny? 1963

Without knowing it, Johnny, a young rock musician, finds himself involved with a Parisian drug gang. Realising he is being set up, he throws the drugs into the Seine and takes refuge in the Camargue with his family and his fiancée, Gigi. Meanwhile, the dealers are hot on their heels.

You and Me 2019

Simply start recording the niece grow up, mother in the process accidentally into the shot, watching his mother take care of nieces look, as if I saw my childhood, in the lens of the mother, suddenly became very different from her in the impression and saw her anxiety, irritability, weakness, fear, but often are niece intrusion becomes funny, witty.

When Will You Be Mine 1991

Nothing can be greater than a mother's love for her child. And no one but a mother is willing to risk her own to save her child. After marrying Shirley (Gina Alajar) who got pregnant by another man, Ben (Julio Diaz) demanded to have the baby adopted. Left with no choice, she gave her baby to Adul (Vivian Velez).

Now You Know It Anyway 2011

At a sunny flea market, Robin tries to sell her own made-up stories. As she tells one of her stories with increasing confidence to a potential customer, all the main characters come alive and anxiously listen to her.

The Kiss You Gave Me 2000

A TV reporter from Puerto Rico loses her son after her ex-husband Armando kidnaps him and takes him to the States. Angela must team up with a lawyer to find and rescue the child.

When You See A Rose 1995

Under the spell of Cathy Berberian’s voice, scraps of melodies and poems in Sami's head. In love with spring and summer’s flowers, she walks through streets and gardens, pastures, fields and forests.

I Knew You Were Sad

A family photo, the sound of the oncoming storm, the cat wandering the kitchen, a man alone in this space. Paz Encina’s early melancholic short is a conversation not shown on screen. Has it already occured or does it take place after this brief moment in time? Using only subtitles and visual language, SUPE QUE ESTABAS TRISTE creates an array if emotions without ever having to “show” anything.

If Only You Were Mine 2017

Dominik is a young graduate experiencing his first relationship. Adam becomes a mentor, idol and first love for him. With great feeling, there are also great uncertainties. He finds out that he does not belong to his world of young Bratislava, but he still tries to make their relationship work.

Could You Kill My Husband Please? 2001

Jade enjoys married life, but after her husband accepts a promotion and becomes the president of his company, he focuses almost exclusively on his work, neglecting her needs. To revive their marriage, Jade insists on taking a trip with her husband. However their relationship takes a turn for the worse when she meets a man on their trip…and asks him to kill her husband.

What Is with You, Nina? 1984

In search of her own identity, a young champion in fencing is torn between two men, which leads her to personal conflict.

See You, Lovable Strangers 2017

Follows Vietnamese migrant workers, to examine the reasons behind their numerous escapes and to trace the family situations of those who were deported from Taiwan.

Bite Me If You Love Me 2011

A girl obsessed with zombies kills her boyfriend and turns him into a... you guessed it! Then a fat Japanese Jason Vorhees shows up and a love triangle ensues.

I Don't Want to Sleep with You I Just Want to Make You Hard 2016

Kyabakura is a type of hostess club in Japan, inspired by French cabaret. There exists an ambiguous relationship between the clients, the men, and the hostesses, that should never materialize into a sexual relationship...There are strict rules, which of course, are designed to be broken.

Youth in Revolt 2009

As a fan of Albert Camus and Jean-Luc Godard, teenage Nick Twisp is definitely out of his element when his mother and her boyfriend move the family to a trailer park. When a pretty neighbor named Sheeni plays records by French crooners, it's love at first sight for frustrated and inexperienced Nick. Learning that she is dating someone, Nick launches a hilarious quest to find his way into Sheeni's heart -- and bed.

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