"Der Andere" Full Movie

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Title : Der Andere

Genre : Drama

Cast : Albert Bassermann (Dr. Hallers), Emmerich Hanus (Richter Arnoldy), Rely Ridon (Agnes, seine Schwester), Hanni Weisse (Hausangestellte), Leon Resemann (Dickert)

Movie Plot : When talk with friends, Dr. Hallers, a well-known lawyer in Berlin, said he was skeptical about fantasies on the split personality: he could never believe something like that. During a ride however, he has an accident, after which he often falls into a deep sleep from which he awakens with the feeling of having a dual personality. Later his double starts to rob his apartment iwith a thief. During the robbery the police arrived, arrests the thief. Hallers, having fallen asleep, wakes up without remembering anything of what happened. Eventually, the lawyer recovers and marries his fiancee.

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