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Title : Dancing Lady

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance

Cast : Joan Crawford (Janie Barlow), Clark Gable (Patch Gallagher), Franchot Tone (Tod Newton), May Robson (Tod's Grandmother Dolly Todhunter), Winnie Lightner (Rosette LaRue), Fred Astaire (Himself), Robert Benchley (Ward King), Ted Healy (Patch's Assistant Steve), Moe Howard (Stagehand Moe), Curly Howard (Stagehand Curly (as Jerry Howard)), Larry Fine (Piano Player Harry), Arthur Jarrett (Himself (as Art Jarrett)), Grant Mitchell (Jasper Bradley, Sr.), Nelson Eddy (Himself), Maynard Holmes (Jasper Bradley, Jr.), Sterling Holloway (The Show's Author Pinky), Gloria Foy (Vivian Warner), Ferdinand Gottschalk (Judge (uncredited)), Eve Arden (Southern Actress Marcia (uncredited)), Matt McHugh (Marcia's Agent (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Janie lives to dance and will dance anywhere, even stripping in a burlesque house. Tod Newton, the rich playboy, discovers her there and helps her get a job in a real Broadway musical being directed by Patch. Tod thinks he can get what he wants from Janie, Patch thinks Janie is using her charms rather than talent to get to the top, and Janie thinks Patch is the greatest. Steve, the stage manager, has the Three Stooges helping him manage all the show girls. Fred Astaire and Nelson Eddy make appearances as famous Broadway personalities.

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