"Girls Can Play" Full Movie

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Title : Girls Can Play

Genre : Drama

Cast : Charles Quigley (Jimmy Jones), Julie Bishop (Ann Casey), Rita Hayworth (Sue Collins), John Gallaudet (Foy Harris), George McKay (Sluggy), Gene Morgan (Pete), Patricia Farr (Peanuts O'Malley), Guinn Williams (Lieutenant Flannigan), Joseph Crehan (Brophy)

Movie Plot : The Hollywood Post's sports writer, Jimmy Jones (Charles Quigley), yearns to be a crime reporter, and thus looks for foul play on even the most routine assignments. In writing a piece about a girl's softball team, Jimmy discovers that their sponsor, Foy Harris (John Gallaudet), is a notorious racketeer who has supposedly gone straight. Jimmy suspects Foy is still up to no good. He begins hanging around the team to do a bit of snooping, and also to be near the cute new pitcher, Ann Casey (Jacqueline Wells).

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