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Title : Allegheny Uprising

Genre : Western, Action, Adventure, History

Cast : Claire Trevor (Janie), John Wayne (Jim Smith), George Sanders (Capt. Swanson), Brian Donlevy (Callendar), Wilfrid Lawson (MacDougall), Robert Barrat (Duncan), John F. Hamilton (Professor), Moroni Olsen (Calhoon), Eddie Quillan (Anderson), Chill Wills (M'Cammon), Ian Wolfe (Poole), Wallis Clark (McGlashan), Monte Montague (Morris), Olaf Hytten (General Gage), Eddy Waller (Jailer), Clay Clement (John Penn), Earl Askam (One of Jim's Black Boys), Stanley Blystone (Settler at McDowell's Mill), Horace B. Carpenter (One of Jim's Black Boys), Jess Cavin (Colonial Farmer), Tom Coleman (One of Jim's Black Boys), Forrest Dillon (One of Jim's Black Boys), Jesse Graves (Governor's Servant), Lew Harvey (Settler at McDowell's Mill), Leyland Hodgson (Trial Judge Who Protests), Noble Johnson (Captured Delaware Native American), Carl Knowles (One of Jim's Black Boys), Ethan Laidlaw (One of Jim's Black Boys), Tom London (Settler at McDowell's Mill), Robert McKenzie (Tavern Cook), Charles Middleton (Dr. Stoke), Clive Morgan (English Sergeant), Jack O'Shea (One of Callendar's Men), Bud Osborne (One of Jim's Black Boys), Douglas Spencer (Prisoner in Irons)

Movie Plot : Allegheny Uprising is a 1939 film produced by RKO Pictures, starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne as pioneers of early American expansion in south central Pennsylvania. Clad in buckskin and a coonskin cap (as he would be a decade later in The Fighting Kentuckian), Wayne plays real-life James Smith, an American coping with British rule in colonial America. The film is loosely based on a historical event known as the Black Boys Rebellion during the 1760s.

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