"The Family Next Door" Full Movie

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Title : The Family Next Door

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Hugh Herbert (George Pierce), Joy Hodges (Laura Pierce), Eddie Quillan (Sammy Pierce), Ruth Donnelly (Mrs. Rose Pierce), Benny Bartlett (Rufus Pierce), Juanita Quigley (Susan Pierce), Thomas Beck (Bill Tevis), Cecil Cunningham (Cora Stewart), James Bush (Harold Waner), Frances Robinson (Jane Hughes), Lillian Yarbo (Blossom), Dorothy Arnold (Cashier), Mark Daniels (Bill Dillon), Georgie Billings (Boy), Raymond Brown (Hammel), James Burke (Policeman), Mary Field (Secretary), Edward Gargan (Cop), Dorothy Granger (Heavy Girl), Eddie Hall (Party Guest During Ceiling Cave-In), George Melford (Bank Manager), Raymond Parker (Party Guest), Fred Santley (Brady), Charles Sherlock (Workman), Walter Soderling (Lawyer), Walter Tetley (Boy), Delmar Watson (Boy)

Movie Plot : Rose Pierce is discontent with her life as the wife of a small town plumber and has visions of becoming a wealthy socialite. Consequently, when her smart aleck son Sammy hears that an electric railroad line is to be built through town, she decides that the family can become rich by purchasing the lots along the right of way. Patriarch George Pierce laughs at the idea, but when Rose and Sammy learn that Cora Stewart, the wealthy town widow, has withdrawn her savings from the bank, they jump to the conclusion that she is interested in buying the lots, and mother and son secretly invest the family bank roll in the land.

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