"The Grand Maneuver" Full Movie

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Title : The Grand Maneuver

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : Michèle Morgan (Marie-Louise Rivière), Gérard Philipe (Le lieutenant Armand de la Verne), Jean Desailly (Victor Duverger), Pierre Dux (Le colonel), Brigitte Bardot (Lucie), Jacques François (Rodolphe Chartier), Jacques Fabbri (l'ordonnance d'Armand), Dany Carrel (Rose-Mousse), Yves Robert (Félix Leroy, un lieutenant des Dragons), Colette Castel (Yvonne)

Movie Plot : The dashing Lieutenant of Dragoons, after all had a certain reputation to uphold...while the ravishing Lady from Paris, at best, had only an uncertain fortress to defend...

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