"Snowdrops and Aces" Full Movie

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Title : Snowdrops and Aces

Genre : Comedy, Family

Cast : Václav Kopta (Radek Prevrátil), Michal Suchánek (Karel Mácha), Jan Antonín Duchoslav (Viky Cabadaj), Radoslav Brzobohatý (Teacher Karda), Veronika Freimanová (učitelka Hanka), Eva Jeníčková (Marika)

Movie Plot : A quarter century after the release of the original film, this sequel brings us a drama about platonic love, life retrospective and memories. Former schoolmates meet again in the mountains and it turns out they have not changed much. Even though so many years have passed, we can still see the souls of boys and girls we know from the teenage comedy Snowdrops and Aces; kids who participated in that legendary skiing course. Its nostalgic humour gives the film a bitter-sweet touch. Thawing Out follows the lives of the main heroes during a period of great changes. How did they manage to escape the traps and what scars have they suffered? Where did they want to go, how far have they got and what is still in front of them?

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