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Title : Cheech

Genre : Drama

Cast : Patrice Robitaille (Ron), François Létourneau (Olivier), Anick Lemay (Jenny), Maxime Denommée (Maxime), Fanny Mallette (Stéphanie), Maxim Gaudette (Alexis), Luc Senay (Gilles), Normand D'Amour (Gaétan), Gilles Renaud (Paluchi), Evelyne Brochu (Pharmacist), Pierre Leblanc (Pharmacien), Danielle Godin (Suzanne), Patrice Coquereau (Larry), Ruth Chiang (Oriental Singer), Jessica Welch (Beach Woman), Ayisha Issa (Les filles de Cheech)

Movie Plot : Six people, some more depressed than others, living through the worst day of their lives.

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